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I disagree on your assessment of nether vortex. Any competent tank will have a debuff on your target which will count for torment the weak. In the few situations where your target is not being tanked or even debuffed by the tank, you can apply slow manually.

Also, Improved blink is extremely useful. The further your blink takes you, and the faster you can get in position and start casting, the better. If where you need to be is outside of your blink range, the short sprint that improved blink gives you is pretty awesome.

I'm curios if that's true... Dont tanks have to manually add a slow? I dident think they had an automatic slow on all targets

As per blink... i still don't see the benefit and i think you mistaking it for the Glyph which i use... The talent is 70% speed buff after you blink which i just don't utilize.. if i blink im out of my mechanic and if I'm not its just a step away and I'm stopped and casting immediately. I will not be placing my points into it untill i find myself needing to athually run after a blink which i'm just not

Show me a tank that doesn't apply those debuffs, and I will show you a bad tank.

And, no... I am not mistaking the talent for the glyph. The extra distance you can travel in just a couple seconds of sprint that it gives you is immense.
NV is optional and is completely fight dependant for the reasons Tisha mentioned. NV is very useful on fights like HM Zon'ozz and HM Warmaster if you're sitting for a decent amount of time on targets that are not tanked so that you can proc ToTW.

Improved Blink is also a fight dependant talent although I would argue it's not necessary for any DS fight.

Prismatic Cloak is very good if for nothing other than the damage reduction on progression fights.
In fairness to all i think we can agree NV can be moved from a mandatory to an optional talant and a note added regarding the tank's application.

I already have blink as viable and make note of if i found a need for it i would take it but for now i don't... and i don't think we can unanimously agree it needs to be placed as mandatory.

Thank you for the input! change made

what i have

Very valid point and several times over yesterday i meant to go back and add Fire Power to the Fire talents. Ill make that change now

Thank you!
02/22/2012 06:46 AMPosted by Rentrenus
Id recommend starting the Burn phase by beginning to spam Arcane Blast untill aprox 12% mana. Once you reach 12% your going to want to pop a Mana Gem, and cast Arcane Power and Mirror images and spam Arcane Blast until you reach just below 30% Mana. When you reach just below 30% you will want to pop evocation to regenerate your mana back to 100% and once evocation is complete immediately enter Phase Two.

This must be a typo, right? Burn to 12%, then to 30% 12<30

Did you meant to write 85%?

Most of the information is accurate, but also pretty copy&paste from any other good arcane guide. icy-veins.com says Hi. I'd like to see some more unique things in here. I still feel the best guide (but not sticked) is the one created by Mystwind. Not 100% perfect, but does give u tips that u don't see too often, like macros and the use of cake.

ah yes.. i was trying to say till you lose 12% mana... thank you for that good catch!.. so in inessence yes a little more thne 85% left


as per the content, its all pretty standard stuff... talant explanations.. some example specs, gems, enchants... text book stuff no matter what guide you use. Ice-Veins did however have the best explanation of the soft hast cap ive seen so i took the entire concept...

As i said at the start i wanted to get the bulk of the information down before going threw and adding detail and more explanation and concepts where they may be needed.

Id like it to be a functional, readable, and positive guide for newer Arcane mages first and then begin to fine tune and create some more unique content as well as expand whats there with more personal experience and detail. Ill work on it tho.. thanks
You could say that fire power is almost mandatory for ds too. Or at least much NYC higher priority over improved blink etc

Mandatory for ranks moresothan I guess you would call it progression
Nether Vortex... I now totally understand why its wasted... Attack speed slows trigger it... I was under the impression it was only movement slows....

Now i don't see why i wasted the points... lol

Thank you so much for pointing that out... and not just for the guide :p

*runs off to respec
I guess I should have figured that was the problem. I think it is a common misconception that few things trigger torment the weak, and therefore automatically applying slow seems like an obvious talent choice. But actually, torment the weak is triggered from a ton of different effects from many different classes. I see nether vortex as only really useful in leveling or in pvp.

As for improved blink... I think it ultimately depends on the positioning and strategies you have for certain fights. I would not be nearly as effective on Heroic Zon'ozz without the sprint from the talent, for example. But that is based on what adds in the black phase I need to get to quickly, and where we have the ranged group set up during the normal phase. Yor'sahj is also a fight that it comes in handy, as I can blink from the center to a newly formed ooze without wasting much time. Hagara also comes to mind, just to be able to have the sprint at the end to adjust my position quickly after a blink for being tombed or for soaking an icelance.

Arcane mages get pretty screwed by fights which require movement. Improved blink doesn't solve the problem entirely, but it does help.
Still finding it hard to beleive you didn't spec in MoE...

EDIT: Now finding it even harder to believe my dumbass didn't see that you did spec into it ^^
Nice job on the guide, OP! Thanks for your efforts.

Edit: Moved links to WoWHead gear listings to updated pre-raid gear thread.
At 1244 haste with TW and 5% raid buff, I'm at the 1 second cap for AB.

I think your numbers may be a tad off?

Edit: I think they're just close enough to round to 1.05 on the tooltip, my bad.
The numbers are not mine... but they seem to be universal as i browse the many resources....

are you going by what the tooltip says or what your casting bar says? The reason i ask is i can see a 1.05 second cast time on my tooltip but my cast bar will appear to be one second..

02/21/2012 11:31 AMPosted by Teraptus
Reading around and getting a lot of opinions it seems to be the consensus you wanna keep your mastery in the 17-20% range.

So you're suggesting I start reforging mastery to crit after I hit 20%?

Quick question.
Thanks :)
Rotation confusese me a bit. I havent been playing arcane since it was buffed during firelands for a little bit. Maybe I never got it or things changed but why pop flame orb at 70% to prolong burn phase. Wouldn't using mana for anything but arcane blast during that be a dps loss?

Also I understand the use of mighty rejuv potion but why not volcanic off the bat. Pre-pot on fight burn, then use volcanic again later for a burn? Maybe pre-pot volcanic then next time use mighty rejuv?

Just doesnt make sense to me but like I said I havent been playing arcane all that seriously for a while now lol.
Mastery will always over weigh crit, never reforge mastery to crit and the talent improve blink isnt so wanted when u could get a better AoE talent or for some the Flame orb explosion talent, blink should mostly be used to get out of stuff like Warmasters shockwave and stuff :)
and the haste thing if your doing H DS then u will never hit near 1200 haste, im almost full BiS and for my reforge addon and website puts me at 1451 haste and that is the max i can to without losing hit, crit, or mastery =/
Necro thread from terrible mage OP

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