MoP Guild Perk Idea: Mobile Mechanic

Guild Perk: Mobile Mechanic, Mr. Fixit or The Handyman!

Concept: Summons a mobile mechanic to your location for immediate repair, rune forging or reforging. The mechanic is available for 2 minutes and there is a 2 hr cooldown.

Purpose: There's always on-the-spot needs for repair, forging and reforging that occur various times in both PvE and PvP formats. In progression raids, players sometimes need to reforge due to signif gear upgrades (creating imbalanced stats) or role switch using existing gear (also often triggering imbalanced stats for the new role). These needed changes mid-progression kills valuable time that could be remedied w/a mobile mechanic of some sort.

I'd love to see this concept for one of the last guild perks earned in MoP, but also recognize it COULD be redirected to improving Blacksmithing or Engineering. I could see a debate on whether its ideal for all-access via a guild perk unlocked vs. increasing the value of a profession to the WoW community. Another option is to have this concept worked into upgrading a future "Vendor Mount". Since past mounts provided repair abilities - simply adding rune-forging and reforging to a future mount would possibly generate greater desire for this kind of upgraded vendor mount. Somehow, someway, it would be really cool to have this concept implemented in MoP.

Input anyone?
Yes please. Getting an upgrade on a dps toon, while having the gem + enchant with you, but then being unable to use it because you have to reforge your gear for new caps, is a pain. Simplify it a bit.
2 minutes is too short - 10 -20 minutes would be long enough.
very true on the time length active. 10m I think is reasonable. 20 may be pushing it if its an ability all players in the raid could utilize. TY for the support and suggestions! keep 'em comin!

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