How do YOU pronounce "prot"?

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I say it so it rhymes with hot, although in my accent it'd sound like it was being spoken by someone with an english accent.

Hmm... I should probably just pronounce it like a shortened version of protection now that I think about it. Saying it another way doesn't really make sense (but honestly, who actually says protection or restoration or any of those ridiculously long spec names).
it rhymes with thought imo
Prot is hot.
Prot like how the British pronounce "naught."
its like

Cannot and can't

in Cannot you have the long N in Can't its short

hence the THOUGHT one is the real 1 for Prot

but the oat 1 is the real 1 for protection
02/22/2012 01:33 AMPosted by Ådp
Prot is pronounced similar to the combination of "crock pot"

^^ This

The "O" in Protection is long because of the "E".
I always said "Prawt", and most other people I heard called it Prawt, but then my current GM says it Prote (like oat) and I was like wtf, it's prawt, and then I was like protection, prawt....

...and then I was like wait a minute. Prawtection makes no sense.

So now I have no opinion on the matter and still say prawt.

Prot make sense because the only reason you would say it Prote is if you did not drop the E. It is a simple matter of vowel placement. Since Prot drops the E, the O becomes a hard O as opposed to a soft O as no other vowel follows after it. For example with the letter O, say these two words: Not Note. Exact same thing happening here.
Like a boss.
Well this is an interesting thread...

Anyways, I pronounce it as "proat", rhyming with "boat". I generally actually say "Protection", though.
I just call them, Protection Paladins/Warriors. Or Tanks. But I call it Prot rhyming with thought if I don't end up saying protection lol. You say it weird, lol prote.
Just when you though the forums couldn't get any more Byzantine...

That also rhymes with thought so you lose, bub.

Not in the Kiwi accent. We draw out the vowel sound - Thort.


That's not drawing out the vowel, that's adding an r.
02/22/2012 01:30 AMPosted by Ruminare
"prot" as in rhymes with THOUGHT.

this is how i say it... the other way sounds silly
02/22/2012 01:35 AMPosted by Wyrt
Protection because I don't use shorthand for words in spoken language.

"My thoughts exactly." :)
I say Prot that rhymes with throat. Although thinking about it to rhyme with throat wouldn't it have to be Prote?
Confounding english language thou art a gull catching jack-a-nape!
02/22/2012 01:36 AMPosted by Fairadey
Prot as in aught.
prot like as if the word 'rot' started with p.

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