Alliance PVE good?

Bleeding Hollow
Hey, we're considering moving our guild to Bleeding Hollow Alliance.

If we do so we'll probably have to fill a few slots once we get there. I just wanted to get BH natives' opinions on what our chances of getting a few good raiders are once we arrive at the server. Is it gonna be easy? Impossible? Is it worth us moving over?

I know there are quite a few solid guilds over there already, but we would prefer to continue as our own guild instead of joining someone else.
Just moved our guild over here for raiding purposes too, and our problem isn't finding players, it's finding the time to be able to raid. All of us have schedules that are all over the spectrum, but I would have to say you shouldn't have any problems finding the players. There is a constant stream of "looking for raiding guild" in trade chat and general chat so you should have plenty to choose from.
Awesome :D Thanks for the prompt reply!
What days do you guys raid? And are you 10 or 25?
Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-12:00 est. We're 10 man 1/8h. We'd be further but it's really hard to find 10 good people on Maelstrom that aren't already in one of the other raiding guilds. We've been ending up with like 7 good people and then have to carry whatever 3 pugs we scrounge up.

Are you looking for a guild?
yeah but one that doesn't raid those days ><
Aww that's too bad :( Good luck in your search!
Bleeding hollow on the alliance side has a good mix of players there is always those gems hidden away
I will contact you in game when you guys get this way. I think we may be able to supply the few people you may need for raids until you can secure a full raiding group, and we can get all of our schedules sorted out!

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