Title says it all, after a lot of people asking me to do this since they're bored of my hunters weekly DS normal clears, I figured I'll roll with it and attempt to put some kind of effort into forming a decent group.


A little about me :

I've been raiding off and on since vanilla and leading pugs for a very long time. I cleared this content post nerf (5%) and ended US 65th in a 25m setting. Not the greatest accomplishment, but still one none the less.

With the 10% Nerf here, I'm looking to assemble a small little tight group to run it weekly, a one day thing only. We'll run 4 hour group, pouring an hour or two into heroic bosses. (Zon'ozz/Yorsahj/Ultraxion) primarily cause they're easy as hell.


What the group is intended to do :

-Gear up your main (or your alt)
-Easy relaxed atmosphere, I won't yell or belittle you like other guilds would after tons of mistakes, I will however encourage you to be a better player and to stop ruining everyones day though because after all it is a pug, and I don't expect you to be a top tier raider.
-Learn how to raid (if you don't know how), its easy, If i could do it, you can too.
-Free gear, Yes...free gear. Gear is free rolled, but once you form a tighter knit, I'm sure they will pass and your options for the pieces you want more, is granted.
-Helps your main get into more top end guilds, without credential of kills or logs for that matter, joining a decent guild is slim (even though they're mass recruiting, most likely its for the bench for certain fights or preparing for mop). With easy heroic kills under your belt, your chances are higher then the person next in line to rob your spot. I'll run logs for YOU if you request it, if you're not totally retarded and you can do it yourself...feel free to run them =).

Requirements :

Vent/Mumble and a working microphone - Communication is key, I want you to be able to speak even if you sound like a gremlin, don't be shy. I don't judge.
Don't be a loot !@#$% - It's a pug and I have very limited control of loot. I will intervene if a piece of loot is absolutely ridiculous for that class over the next, but in the end I really cannot council the loot as it is what it is, a pick up group. If you lose your item, sack up. It'll drop again, unless its a Heroic Cunning that does not exist. Relax, you have a lot of time to get it.
Gear and experience - If you're a tank and you're getting hit harder than a rogue, There's a problem, and if you're a rogue and you're getting out dps'd by a tank that's equally a problem. You must be adequately geared and ready to roll into HM's, as time goes, the leniency for gear is lessened. If you have 0 heroic experience, it's fine. I'll be the first one to tell you that it's not very hard and if you can do normals, you can do heroics!
General knowledge of your class - There's no such thing as a stupid question, but if there was and it raised eyebrows about you as a player, I doubt I'd be bringing you in. I simply ask that you can min-max your class and know what to do in a PVE environment.
Be dedicated - Like any guild, close knit weekly pug group, whatever you're in. You're in for a reason, and everyone else is counting on you to be there. If you can't, simply let me know. If you cannot commit, Please don't waste my time as I wouldn't waste yours.
Come prepared! - My cooking is at 0 and I cannot drop feasts for the raid or flasks for that matter, come with your own consumables (They're cheap) and if you could make cauldrons/feasts, You will be compensated for spending your mats for them!

Currently in need of :

Resto Shaman
Holy Paladin
Disc Priest
1 Tank (DK/Feral/Prot Paladin) - A clean DPS off-set and ability to play it is a huge bonus.
1 Mage - comfortably playing arcane (for 1 fight if we ever get there..) is a huge bonus and if I don't feel like playing BM and no Retzillas in raid, d
1 Warlock (Demonology/Affliction) is also a huge bonus.
1 Shadow Priest - Must be able to keep up 3 dots, 2 buffs, using MB on CD and while using 2 CD's correctly (I have high standards for you because it's literally the easiest class in PVE.
1 Melee (Arms warrior/Ret/Feral/DK) +Tank offset is highly desired.

Any questions or interested? add me on Real-ID at Roarpowzy@Live.com
simply leave a description that you're interested in my pug, a brief description of your raiding experience and ilvl/class, and we'll talk.

Thanks for reading, Hope to hear from you soon!
get at it.
I am interested in this run, sent you a request already.
I would like to be your healer.
I think you're severely underestimating how "easy" current hardmodes are. Sure, it's not rocket science, but -one- person in a 10m not maxing their throughput will wipe you every single time.
which is why you selectively choose who you bring, and if they can't cut it you replace them. it is a pug and theres no other way of going about it. if a pug can do any hardmode past morchok. it is still an achievement none the less and you're stating the obvious xD
bump for just a few more!
I sent a request, but since the message box is so brief, it's probably easier just to get in touch with me directly via this character name.
hai :) <3 bumping for you!
<3 camiii
looking for one tank and one super tasty resto shaman.
If your disc priest bails, hit me up. I have only 4/8 EXP but I cleared FL on my resto druid without knowing a single battle, meaning I know how to avoid fire and such, but I can and will watch fights. I'm dedicated and can make any time after 7pm server because I am in Central time. I have vent/mumble/skype and not afraid to be vocal if I have to, and plus this sounds fun and laid back, which is what raiding should be.
oh eddieboo, i'm so ready to when you get alittle moar gearz
i should prob enchant my !@#$ too.. LOL
I have a ton of queens garnets and I don't want to waste them on :X...
lf shaman to carry carly.
shaman...need naoo
Just sent you message in game, Ele/ Resto OS 395 Ilvl PvE

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