Minutes to Midnight Dragon Soul Achievement

Bug Report
Our raid group in 10 man normal mode Dragon Soul attempted the Minutes to Midnight Achievment.
"Defeat Ultraxion in Dragon Soul on Normal or Heroic Difficulty without any raid member being hit by Hour of Twilight more than once."

We set up a rotation and only had 5 Hour of Twilights before Ultraxion died. We confirmed with each players logs that only five people got hit by Hour of twilight, once each but did not receive the achievement.

We used an arms warrior with shield wall/Pain suppression, Feral druid tank with cooldowns, prot warrior with cooldowns, rogue with cloak/feint, and then the boss was dead... we had planned for two more hours with two hunters but we never had to deal with them.

Has anyone else had this issue? Do pets or totems cause this achievment to bug out?
We just did this on 10 man last night 5/20/12 same thing. Warrior, pally and 1 hunter died in attempt but everyone only stayed out once unless they were dead. So same question, if dead or pets or totems does that negate the achievement?

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