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Some Mage specific tactics. Freezes work great on demos. Deep freeze does damage to the vehicles rather than freezing them though.

As others have said, on offense do not cap the south graveyard. I don't understand why something so counter-intuitive is in the game (you'd think capping it was a good thing but its horrible). There should be another workshop there to make it worth capping, or just removed to prevent confusion. To a new or inexperienced player this isn't evident until you're embarrassingly called out by your peers. Likewise if you see on defense that the enemy is capping the south gy, let them have it.

You aren't defeated until they touch the relic, so if they break the wall but are wiped you can still make a goal line stand to win (or if they went first, gain more time on your turn). I had a game where the enemy broke all the gates down but failed to click the relic after that. We decided to have fun and try to block them for as long as possible. Timely use of rogue stuns and saps, druid cyclones, fears, earthbind totems, hammers of justice, freezes, rings of frost, sheeps, deathgrips and even a well timed lifegrip of myself to an enemy so I could FN him extended our time by 2 minutes and we ended up winning on the next pull.

If neither team wins I believe the win is decided by who got the farthest so it's worth trying to at least break down one more wall if there's an iron wall defense on both sides.
Advanced Strategy; slow the players slowing the tanks. Slow tank > slow player.
Okay, sorry for my unproductive earlier post, I just really dislike this BG.

This BG is actually really good if played properly by both teams. And is by far the best one for undergeared players.

There are plenty of excellent advices but there are two that are missing
- if you are playing a character that has low health whether and it is because you have just hit 85 (or whatever the end game level is) and are trying to gear up, or you are a lower level in the lower brackets, this BG provides the best shielding of your gear shortcomings especially if the other team has players that greatly outgear you. Players who say that the turrets are useless obviously didn't of the part where you undergeared character is gonna get 2 shooted. Now if you are playing a mage or rogue. then maybe you could do better on the floor, but always keep in mind turrents do massive AOE damage so you are not only hitting the tanks but also those who are trying to defend them. So here is my advice - on offense, ride the tanks, on defense get on the turrets.
- second - proper driving of the tanks - first and foremost, tanks have to be spaced out except at the gates and even there they should never be on top of each other, there is plenty of abilities that do AOE damage and CC.
Slash AFK out of that awful bg and hope you don't get it again next time.
- If it's a PuG and you're defending first, be sure to yell at the 3-4 people who have gone afk at the South GY and won't make it to the beach before the game starts.
- If you're going to use cannons, only use the ones at yellow. It's better to destroy the demos before they come into range of the other 4 gates and have a chance to damage them.
- Do not kill demos if no one is in them, get it to 5% and leave it alone, or you're just wasting your time.
- Resist the urge to throw your mouse at the wall when you get CC'd into onlivion.
- When either Green or Blue fall, get off the beach and immeadiately defend or take the Western and Eastern GY's
- Never cap South GY, or you have to go all the way back to the workshop's to get a demo, and the defending team will have an easier time defending the choke at yellow.
- Always try to control the choke at yellow. Attacking team is almost certainly going to get the relic if the defenders are't controlling it. Defenders should always have people here and not have most of the group get kited to the relic chamber to stop 1 person from planting a bomb. 1 bomb < 2 demos hurling fireballs at the relic chamber door.
Once the enemy gets through yellow gate, put your melee classes At the relic chamber door focusing on diffusing bombs, while the ranged and majority of healer stay @ the gate targeting down the demos. Prolongs the battle. Melee of course, right before the demos get within their firing range, if they arent already or about to be dead, ya need to come down and help.

trust me, give this a shot the next SOTA your in, guarantee at least another minute or two.
best strategy -> remove SoA, AV and IoC from random bgs.
Whenever I used to get Strand of the Ancients I found the best strat was jumping off the boat and exploring the vast sea.
02/22/2012 11:09 PMPosted by Moshbeast
Slash AFK out of that awful bg and hope you don't get it again next time.
at least it's faster than wsg, which is the worst bg. and in strand you can hop in a turret and leech some hk's
Everything that needs to be said has been said previously. I didn't bother reading past the third page because it just became repetitive.

My two cents:

I love to freeze the demos in place and then cast deep freeze on them. It doesnt stun them, but it does give a nice reliable 60k shot to them. After that, frostbolt, pet freeze, frost nova. Speaking stictly from a frost mage's perspetive.

Bombs....bombs, bombs, bombs, bombs. Grab them! There are piles next to every graveyard. USE THEM~!

When I'm using a bomb, I like to throw down a ring of frost first. That gives me and my team a great place to plant them all while they remain relatively protected.

Don't give up if the other team gets to the yellow gate quickly. That doesn't mean they've won. The battle is won or lost at the yellow gate. Simply take any of the portals after they break through the second row of gates and you'll be at the yellow.

Throw down a ring of frost to freeze or deter demolishers once they get to the yellow bottle neck.

People hate on the cannons, but I say there's some value to them. They provide damage to the demo while also damaging anyone running next to it. Granted it's not a lot, but if you dont have much pvp gear on, it's not a bad place to rack up some easy honor. Plus, there are some nice acheves for it.

Decide where you're going while your on the boat, waiting to attack. Take all four demos there. Sounds risky putting all your eggs in one basket, but with proper support, you should be able to get at least one gate down. Then it's up to you to take the graveyard.

The southern graveyard has it's place. Dont listen to the people screaming not to take it. If the yellow gate is down and your running out of time, take it. There a pile of bombs right next to where you spawn. Grab one and drop it off at the relic door. Then run to the side of the courtyard and grab another bomb. Drop it off at the relic door.

Thats about all the advice I have for someone who has never played it. I'm not the best pvp'r in the world (of warcraft), but I do alright.
I started typing out a huge strategy guide on this; strategy is one of the best things I do. But it became a wall of text that probably isn't fitting to a forum post. I'll try to sum up the finer points:

  • wait for the demos on the beach. they respawn faster than you might expect.
  • protect BOTH your graveyards, I love turning invisible and ninja capping the one on the other side.
  • do not tunnel vision. resist the urge to run after the enemy that you can just barely almost kill. your time is precious and killing the wall is far more important.
  • keep an eye out for people putting bombs on your wall
  • keep an eye on which wall is down, and fall back when it is time to and not a moment later.
  • /AFK out of the bg may be a good option... if your a looser! I've got plenty of strandagies that will help out any confused players

    -Ignore the demo's! They are too slow and their catapult only hits players for like 5000
    -Keep the fight on the beach!, that way they won't be able to reach the keep!
    -Be sure the man the closest turrent ASAP, before anyone else does! That way you'll be able to get your "Artillery Veteren" achievement and be one step closer to becoming Battlemaster!
    -Stock up on seaforium charges, they are very effective! protect your explosive balls with your life! It's your top priority! Not to mention they're also important for achievements you'll need for Master of the Strands!
    -Defending your graveyard? STOP!! Leaving a turrent unarmed could quickly result the destruction of the gate! or worse... someone else has stolen your turrunt! Resulting in you yelling at him for several minutes to get off and ruining the rest of your day. There are no achievements for defending graveyards! so obviously it's not a big deal!

    That's all the help I can give you! Good luck future Battlemasters!! >;D
    Defense: No matter how close you are to killing your opponent, if a demo drives by, you should switch to it.
    Don't use turrets, they haven't been worth using in ages, and don't do enough damage.
    Defend the east and west graveyards. If you see someone going for south, let them take it.

    Offence: Using communication, find which gate has less defense and charge with all demos.
    Weather using a demo or not, grab a bomb! This way even if your vehicle is destroyed, you can do a little extra damage.
    NEVER capture the southern graveyard. Doing so will cause the other team to spawn in the courtyard past the yellow gate, making it very easy to turtle and keep you out.
    If you can stealth, grab yourself a bomb and sneak through the yellow gate to bomb the chamber.
    Slowing/rooting demolishers can be just as important as killing them. Every hit they get counts.

    Oh. And never, EVER use a demo to chase down players. Launch a fireball or ram a few that are in your way, but don't turn or hunt down players.
    Threads like these should have been around since, I don't know, TBC? Better late than never I suppose.

    <3 Blizzard!
    SOTA makes me want to drop out of War College. Please remove it from gen ed.

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