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It's all about mobility, either having a lot of it yourself, or taking it from the enemy.

When you're on offense, all you need is one guy inside a Demolisher to win the fight, but if you're on defense, having a single guy holding down 6 people isn't going to help if the other 4 are moving unhindered.

Sure it's a multi person Battleground, but Offense doesn't need numbers, they just need you out of position, unable to stop whats happening to your gates.

Always be mounted! The map is larger than it looks, and taking a second to mount up wastes time!
Don't hesitate, don't pause. Two teams are charging at another, one slows down, trys to wait for someone else to jump in first, the other charges right through and takes advantage of the offensive position. When you wait for someone else to go in first, you're just painting a target on yourself.
And of course, you can either CC Demolishers or Kill the people getting in them. Kill them fast, or don't fight at all.

You're always on a time limit, and wasted time is time wasted!

02/22/2012 07:15 PMPosted by Razormaid
Turrets are bad. They do less damage than you could up close and don't let you cc the demos.

I'm going to completely disagree.. I've seen where turrets do more damage than anyone else in the battleground.

That said, on defense, you want to CC (every class has CCs) and destroy demos first, protect east and west graveyards, and gates starting from the closest to the shore (if one goes down, you will want to backup to the next gate behind that gate), disarm, and kill players with seaforium bombs for as long as possible.

On offense, you want to keep the demolishers moving, getting the east and west graveyards ASAP, and use whatever bombs are at your disposal (available at the dock, at the east/west workships, and east of the relic chamber).
On defense
call out what gates are going to be hit and defend all but the south GY

on offense
send three demos to on gate and one demo to the other. When you reach the reilc chamber and yellow gate, GROUP up the demos never go in one - by - one
Calling all Sub rogues...

Shadowstep to cannon. Make your way to GY flag. When gate goes down, cap. Win. The advantage of having as many as four demolisher loaded on one side relatively early in the attack can be a huge difference maker.
02/23/2012 03:07 AMPosted by Funkyvoodoo
OR u can play it a much more interesting way see if u can get all the demos in the sea at once THAT WAY the other team cant distroy them :3

I've been on teams that have been able to destroy them grouped that way: usually with a combination of CCs and people on cannons.
SOTA is all about demos and bombs. Killing players is secondary.

If you're defending, do whatever you can to slow/kill them. Even if they're in range for the catapult to hit, keep them off the doors to prevent them from ramming it as well. As part of this, be sure to watch out for people who are dispelling the demos. If your slows/snares aren't sticking, then you need to prevent them from being removed in any way possible. This could mean CCing the person, killing them, or simply snaring them so they fall out of range.

Don't forget about the bombs though, especially at yellow or the artifact room. You've got a short amount of time to disable them before they damage the walls. However, damage interrupts the "cast", so try to avoid being seen, or CC the sapper first.

Finally, remember to defend the GYs, especially if you can do it by yourself. A rogue sitting there and chain sapping anyone trying to tag them can make a world of difference. Even if you've actually got to fight to do it, that extra time all adds up, especially if you kill them. If you know you're going to lose the fight, try to kite them away from it, and CC/slow/immobilize them before you die.

If you're on offense, do what you can to protect them. If you're a dispeller, remove all the slows/snares. If you can't do that, either peel people off them, or grab bombs and plant them at the doors. A note on peeling: it isn't the same thing as killing. All it means is that you're keeping them from doing damage tot he demo. A simple Deathgrip and Chains of Ice is all it takes to get a melee off of a demo. Don't waste time killing them if you don't have to. Also, make sure you grab the first two graveyards, but not the one closest to the artifact. That makes you spawn farther away from the workshops, which means it takes longer to recover if your push gets stopped.

And, as always, communicate.
Make sure you know what's going on with demos positioning, gate status, and graveyard status, and make sure the rest of your group knows as well. If you're defending, and you see a demo going to an undefended gate, don't just assume that others see it as well. Call it out.

Karat has it just right, +1 to you.
One really good strat is to ensure that your team has no paladins on it. This alone will increase your chances of slowing the demos on defense, and peeling while on offense.

02/22/2012 07:22 PMPosted by Daxxarri
slow down the demolishers. at all costs.

And what works best to slow them down?

Most Non-Paladin classes typically. Seal of Justice is a bit unreliable. If you can happen to get in melee, you can at least get the demo to go at your speed, but it's effect doesn't last long, so all it takes is for someone to stop you for a couple seconds for the demo to get too far away for you to melee it again.
Daxxarri - take this idea to heart and/or to the people who might be interested:

PvP revolves too much around 'farming the honor'. Even someone from the losing team can gain more honor simply by knowing how to farm the HKs. This encourages players to farm rather than cooperate and try to achieve a victory. Too many players will 'play the middle' in WSG. Too many players will not defend in AB and run off to go find where everyone is fighting. In EotS players will fight in between the towers, not bothering to help cap/defend them. In SotA I've seen players ignore the demolishers and not bother with bombs because they'd rather farm.
All of this encourages individuality instead of teamwork. It encourages players to abandon their teammates for their own personal gain, rather than focus on winning. This has been an issue since vanilla and after 3 expansions is still going strong. Lets break the cycle with a radical idea!

If PvP were truly based on 'winning the battle' then Blizzard would take out HKs altogether. So here is the idea: No more honor when you kill (or are close enough to) another player, only when you win, lose or achieve objectives within the battleground itself (ie capping a flag/tower, destroying a gate, etc.)

When you win a BG, the honor you gain will reflect it. Right now when you win your first BG you gain 270 honor and 135 for every win thereafter. This is on top of whatever honor you farmed during the battle. On average, I've seen people with 300-400 honor at the end of a BG after winning.
When you lose a BG you only receive 45 honor. This is also on top of whatever honor you farmed. On average I've seen people with 85-200 honor at the end of a BG after loosing. [Please note that these numbers are not exact, simply an estimate]

Why not simply take out HKs altogether and have a flat Win be 500 honor and a flat Loss be 100. [Again, the numbers are a rough estimate, I'm sure Blizz can do the math better than I] By getting rid of HKs altogether you 'force' players to work together as a team to WIN instead of working only for themselves. Players would have no reason to ignore the demolishers, or camp the graveyards, or refuse to cap a flag so they can farm, or run away from a tower/flag that needs defending. What would it gain them? Nothing but a lose and less honor.

As for my tips in SotA (sorry, I know I kinda deviated from the thread here.....can I give you a cookie to make up for it? No?..... *hangs head in shame*) you can find them hidden in the above wall of text.

Thank you for your time.
some thoughts:

when on the offensive, have melee drive the tanks, choosing one gate path where all tanks can follow up to the relic. Ranged can provide crowd control and damage at a distance from the tanks so they do not receive collateral damage. This also reduces the effectiveness of turrets as only half are causing damage to the tanks.

when on the defensive, have crowd control in place at tank spawns and stealthers on the docks to disrupt the initial rush of the Offensive. Should the tanks be split into attacking all the gates, have players with less effective CC jump in the turrets to damage immobilized tanks. If all tanks go for same gate path, ignore turret duty and engage the tanks full on, similar to a dps timed raid with healers supporting non healers when necessary.

take note of players who are out of position from the main battle points, including those who display signs of "lag". For nine minutes, teams can do without players who would rather fish, suntan or shoot at imaginary targets.

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