<Eon> Iso Heals for 6/8h-mode progression grp

Burning Legion
<Eon> 6/8Heroic lvl 25 guild, is now recruit for end-game heroic progression. Eon is composed of many skilled players with various raiding back-grounds including and not limited to:

Vanilla Content including Original Naxx40 and Molten Core;
High-end Sunwell raiding, including all progression throughout Zul'Aman and Black Temple;
Relevant time-period Kingslayers and trivial Wotlk was cleared in various small guilds.

Officers have experience leading and clearing content during heroic T11 Progression, 6/7H Firelands progression, with multiple P4 Heroic Ragnaros attempts pre-nerf as well as 6/8H Dragon Soul currently.

Raid Times:

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
8pm-11pm server.

In Eon's Brief existence, the leading officer core has worked together since t11 content. End-game atmosphere is expected of all players. Flasks and feasts are provided by the guild, However you are expected to come ready with these items, including:

Potions: Pre-potting for heroic progression is a necessity,
Gear fully enchanted with appropriate gems maxing potential.A full extent of Knowledge on your class, as well as any class you choose to bring to the raid atmosphere is required. You won't even be looked at regardless of raid dps if you don't care enough about your character to max its potential. Be prepared with Logs as we will be doing in-game and vent interviews as we see fit, breaking down fights and discussing aspects that can make you a better player.

Eon is made up of former contenders for top end raiding and we're making a push back to the top. Mainspec and offspec builds are expected to be played and used to equal skill levels. We are currently in need of:

A versatile Holy Paladin or Rdruid
Warlock (must be universally sound when playing each spec)

Though we are recruiting specific roles at this time, All exceptional players are welcome to apply.

If you have any questions, Just send In-game mail to Murik or Grandissimo and feel free to address us in-game with any questions or concerns.
Whoops. Requested a Sticky, only did it for imperious. Bump: Still need a good healing priest/Resto druid. Recruited a warlock. Applicants are still welcome.
Just be sure to deliver from yourselves as much as you expect from your applicants.
***What this post should really read ...

Iso for outstanding healers so that they may carry my poor tanking. Be prepared for me to rage at you for me dying even though it is entirely my fault***
WOW, this sounds great, but I do not know where to apply. :(

I just have one issue, I do not care for running back to my corpse after a death, so I am going to need a rez. ^.^
I hope that would not be too hard to accommodate. <3
Okay meshi, you're in.
why is everyone being so hostile, cant we all just get along?

Wow Auriok/Angore wtf? I worked my butt off for your grp!!
I felt i needed to move on im really sorry you guys feel that way about me :/
Dc is a great guild and i hope all the best for you guys in the future.

02/23/2012 06:06 PMPosted by Angore
Just be sure to deliver from yourselves as much as you expect from your applicants.

New hardmode down tonight, should have another one in the following week. Progress should show what we expect. And we expect everyone to pull their weight, not just one person. We were down a main healer tonight, had a dps go heals and pugged a dps, and still managed to kill a hardmode.
And you also managed to recruit Imp behind our backs ... Glad you all got another hard mode down with our most geared person in dps and tank... Maybe we can take your best dps/healer and see how it goes for us.
02/23/2012 09:58 PMPosted by Auriok
And you also managed to recruit Imp behind our backs ... Glad you all got another hard mode down with our most geared person in dps and tank... Maybe we can take your best dps/healer and see how it goes for us.

The hostility is quite saddening. I still love all of you guys regardless of how you feel towards myself. Far before he ever approached me, There were issues at hand. If someone isn't happy playing with a certain group, its definitely not good chemistry to keep putting yourself through it. Pretty sure Angore is your most geared tank, as well as you got plenty of tier yourself. All this he said she said is trivial, and I don't wish for you to have hard feelings towards us. I do hope you find a good replacement, because as I've always told my guys. One player doesn't make a group, if that were the case; The content would be solo'able. Thank you for bumping our guild recruitment as well, we're looking for a competent priest
healer or restoration druid to even out our core.

Note: A good guild master can make or break a group. My ways might not be the most orthodox, or the best even. But my raiders all abide and no guild is to ever be bashed. We gave up a valued member of our core tonight, but it's all about being prepared. Recruitment is vital to stay on top of heroic progression, because someone at any moment can drop and if you aren't ready the synergy could be group threatening. Also, when I parted ways with my former main tank, he's a good guy and you always want someone to be happy when playing a game. Always wish someone the best.

Lol I love you too Zugar ... I'm not really mad at you ... just at the situation. And as gear goes Imp def has the most :P

I wish you all the best in your endeavors :)
nobody recruited anyone, we picked him up, and its sad when your best dps is also the tank. that statement made your guild look bad, just saying.
Lol Imp by far was not our best dps ... and that was not what I said ... You not reading what I said and then saying what you said makes you and your guild look bad, just saying.
Imp our best dps? Hmm I wonder WHO could have given you that idea. I guess if you call topping charts on Yorsaj , pre nerf Gurthalak /ret pally double censure proc, all the while not moving to help on adds and basically tunnel visioning the boss ...yeah that's a ballin' deeps right there.
Also, Today is the start of my weekend. BUMP FOR THE WEEKEND.
if we cant say anything nice, dont say anything at all
Good thread thus far, it needs more cat-fighting, and this should help recruit people. <3
Admittedly, Imperious is a very skilled player, and amazing DPSer. I wasn't so much trying to make a statement about play skill so much as character.

I was quite surprised when someone I had raided with for 8 months simply quit without any notice whatsoever. I was doubly surprised when the recruiter was someone with whom I'd spoken to recently about the troubles we were having progressing in our guild.

Anyhow, if the saying "You are only as good as the company you keep" is true then I will count my blessings.

I wish you all the best of luck, may all your loots be phat. Cheers.
I love this game.

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