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My most common bag i use is Netherweave Bag if i feel like treating my guy ill try to make them some Frostweave Bag.

I was wondering, am i cheap, and what is the most commonly used bag now??

EDIT: I should clarify, i know what the largest normal bag is, i was wondering what the most commonly used bag is, the two are not always the same.
Go buy the Gigantique Sack, costs 2200g if I am not mistaken. You won't be cheap anymore.
Meh, not cheap. The 26 slot bags are really expensive, and I do just fine with 24 slotters from wrath raids such as Sarth and Ony. 1000+ gold for 2 extra slots? Like I said..meh..
lol I do the same, 'cept I now use the city rep bags (16 slots) mixed in there. Oh, and the occasional 20 slot from quests / drops.

I just don't see the need to pay thousands of gold for a few more slots when I'm not in dire need of them. I usually make sure my characters that require two sets of gear have all Frostweaves, but that's about it.
I only upgrade past netherweave on characters I play frequently.

Most my 85s are still using netherweave.
Frostweave bags are a waste of time/money if you're a tailor. Better off just selling the cloth and infinite dust.

Buy or craft embersilk.

My mage still makes roughly 200g per bag every so they're decent, until I can get her to make Embersilk Bags. Just waiting for that damn Lovebird to sell, so I can start getting more mats to increase Tailoring/Enchanting.

I did the math, on my tailor's server I can get a LOT more gold from selling the raw frostweave and infinate dust than for one bag. Frostweave bags are around 200g there too. :)
16 slot bags are the bare minimum.
I always buy Netherweave Bags for my alts until they're like 40+.

I used to go get the mats for uh...Abyssal Bags and make those instead of the Cata bags, because the mats were cheaper and if I made a bunch, I could sell them at Cata bag prices. But people stopped making the cloth for them.

Buying Frostweave is pointless because they cost the same as the Cata bags now, too.

It's not being cheap, it's not wanting to dump 2k on bags for a level 1.
Until I made this guy, unless I got a drop that was a bag, I had 16slot everywhere.

And on my server also, masts for frostweave bags cost more then the mats for embersilk bags.
I just learned to be less of a packrat and so I could enjoy the netherweave bags more.
My guild provides Netherweave bags for all guildies so that's pretty much all I have on my Paladin. My Druid has a full bank (and void storage) of tier so she uses Embersilk and a few of the bigger bags from drops/quests etc. I only ever upgrade the bags, if I need to.

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I use netherweave bags on my alts. I'm constantly vendoring stuff out of habit so it's rarely an issue. I think Peace has frostweave bags.
I still have my frostweave bags from WotLK. They are still adequate for what I do.
I gave the embersilk cloth and hypnotic dust i got doing dungeons and raids to a tailor to make the Embersilk Bag for me for a small tip several months ago. That is for my main but for my alts i just buy 11 (Item not found) for about 10g each and leave it that way.
I've thought about buying 26 slot bags, but I think I'll wait until I hit 100k. The only problem with bag space that I have is multiple gear sets. I've just started keeping my other sets in the bank and then hearthing when I need to change them.

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