bye bye Shadowflame?

It looks like they are trying to make the Shadowflame spell only available to Demon locks next expansion. Why? I know they are trying to make locks less complicated (for example only affliction locks have Seed of Corruption, only demon locks get hellfire, and only destro locks get Rain of Fire), and that all makes complete sense; However, it doesn't make sense for Shadowflame. That spell is very useful for all specs in many different situation, especially pvp and quest/ dailies (were other AOEs are basically a waste of mana).

This spell is incredibly fun (one of the funnest in the game!) and I will be really sad to see it go ( I play destro and sometimes affliction). Why is blizzard doing this? Can anyone shed some light on this? Is there any justification for this or is Blizz just trying to be a joy kill for no reason?

Please, please, please, give this spell back to all specs while spells, talents, and spec are subject to change.
I don't think lore is the issue. I mean we all aren't demo spec but we all have no problem commanding demons or other fel spells. Why would that apply to this one spell? And really, the only thing that makes it seem like a demon spell is the animation for the spell; if you look at functionality, the spell was indeed designed to be useful for all specs. Also, almost all NPC foes are melee and melee is big trouble in pvp, so you don't have to be demon to take advantage of the short range. I use it it a lot!

Even if they do add other control tools, I don't think it will be as effective as shadowflame in time when it's needed (like pvp and questing/ dailies). Aside from that, its going to be hard to top the level of fun that shadowflame brings. I want fun. I want to be entertained... its why I play this game. But really, the simple question is, if it work now for all spec, then why replace it?
All locs should have an AOE that does not require them to be in melee range. To require cloth-wears to be so close to the sharp pointy things is just dumb.


Fezlo, I hope you aren't running up to melee classes and using shadowflame...

Melee will hop on you whether you like it or not, especially as a cloth wearer. It's unavoidable if you are targeted by any half decent melee. That is when you use the spell, taking advantage of a nice snare as well as some damage. It serves a great purpose for all specs.
Class blizz cares about: Hey um warlock guy. Slow me that there seige.
Warlock: I can't im a destro lock, and blizz took my shadowflame.



I offer my rotting shoulder to you, Blood Elf. Rain of Fire will be missed.
Thats sad.
I agree with the OP. Honestly I believe that shadowflame has a place for every spec, so to just narrow it down to Demo is a bit saddening. From a pvp standard, this is an invaluable skill to anyone who has faced melee.

All locs should have an AOE that does not require them to be in melee range. To require cloth-wears to be so close to the sharp pointy things is just dumb.

All locks do have that already. In PvE, Shadowflame isnt that much of a dps increase to really consider getting into melee range(unless you are demo or AoE'ing, which in case if the tank cant hold that aggro he needs to go back to tank school :p ) In an ironic twist of fate, a glyphed shadowflame is one of our biggest defenses againts sharp pointy things, lol.

Unlike many other players, I do have a bit of faith in the direction that the devs will take the game in MoP, however with Shadowflame being one of my biggest self defenses in PvP, I am anticipating what will become of our class. I am really not for a simplification of our class, which in a sense dignifies us from others. However on the flip side I am looking forward to seeing how these new skills play out for us. But I digress, I want to keep Shadowflame for all classes. Keeping it for just Demo makes me a bit sad.
I can't help but notice the two people that strongly disagree are demo spec. Not being mean, but have you ever pvped or quested/ do dailies as afflction or destro? If you have, then you would understand how useful that spell is. In fact, affliction and destro locks probably use the spell more than demon locks since your pets take most the heat while leveling, questing, and doing dailies. It is truly useful for us; Its probably even going to be more useful for us destro lock since we lose either shadow fury or howl of terror depending on what we pick.

There is no justification for removing shadowflame, but several reasons to* keep it :(
That will be nice. However melee tends to have more ways to quickly close the gaps (like a warrior's charge or DK's death grip) or prevent gaps (like DK's anti magic shield or Rogue's cloak of shadows) in pvp than caster have of creating gaps (world of meleecraft blah blah blah:P). And if they are on top of you, the 50% speed reduction is pointless because if the melee has half a brain, then you will have their 50% speed reduction on you as well... shadowflame glyphed is such a perfect spell for us :(
so we love glyphed shadow flame...........
02/24/2012 07:21 PMPosted by Robinwiliams
All locks do have that already. In PvE, Shadowflame isnt that much of a dps increase

Not true, actually. Shadowflame is a large DPS increase for Demo and Afflic due to the Felhunters abilitiy Shadow Bite, the damage of which is increased by 30% for every DoT you have on that target.

TBH, I just don't PvP enough on my Lock to understand the use of Shadowflame in PvP well enough. I understand how important a 70% snare is in PvP for peeling melee, but Conflagration will no longer require Immolate to be on target, and I have a feeling the glyph for it will still be in game. Having a daze on target with an uptime of 50% sounds rather impressive.

Actually I believe that number is 15%, but you are correct. I actually use a useful macro where I /cast drain life and shadowbite right after for that extra tick, lol.

My real point here is aimed more at a pvp perspective. As someone who dabbles in pve and pvp, I feel I have a good view on both sides of the fence when it comes to matters like this. Like I said before, Shadowflame is invaluable to us as a deturrant from melee. A glyphed conflag reduces the cooldown of of it be two seconds, and from a pve standard this is pretty important, but for pvp its the talent Aftermath that really makes conflag shine as a nuke dazer. Without that it's still good but loses its' appeal for stopping melee freight trains.

I guess all I'm saying is that when you come to depend on a skill a lot, it sure sucks to see it taken away from you. I hope Blizz knows what it's doing.
/cry I really really hope blizzard gives this back to affli locks atleast. This spell made playing a Lock 100 times better imo. RIP shadowflame
Meh. SF works best in Demo. I don't care about losing it in the other specs.
Will miss it terribly in pvp :(

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