Blizzard hates Warriors!

02/25/2012 06:46 PMPosted by Sharvip
Who cares about PvE, seriously.

I do. Seriously.

Actually, I've been doing a lot of PvP and PvE recently.

You know, PvP for current Tier Epics, mix with PvE heirlooms, dungeon, PvP, dungeon, PvP, rinse and repeat.

I see this a lot.

End game comments please
just got lvl'd by a ret paly 47,717 hammer of wrath, lol gg
Blizzard hates Warriors!

The issue isn't with the warrior class itself as it is pretty competitive with the right person behind the keyboard.

Your issue is between the chair and keyboard.

1% of the bracket is taken up by warriors and thats rounding upwards due to the fact that 0% means there are none. Means it could be a microscopic number of .01% even. That is extremely small compares to the 20% that are shamans, the 18% that are rogues and the 15% that are warlocks.

Dude, L2math. You round up at .5 or higher, round down at .49 or lower. So 1% is rounded up from at *least* 0.5%. I was an ENGLISH major & even I know this...
The issue isn't with the warrior class itself as it is pretty competitive with the right person behind the keyboard.

Your issue is between the chair and keyboard.

Rolf, your a pve'r gg and have fun, talkin bout pvp
MoP brings no respite. We're still low man on the totem pole despite the obnoxious general revisit of classes no more lacking than an arcane mage with infinite mana... In short, we gonna die again. Thanks for the one barely-a-deathstrike (imp victory rush) and the bandaid cooldown (die by the sword). now when that rogue gets 3 openers on me I can survive it long enough for him to point and laugh as I die to poisons...

To not just !@#$%, at least I owned on that Deathwing fight... cause yano, that's totally why I play a warrior. I know I'm not alone in saying this but who really plays a warrior to solely PvE? WTF blizzard, how about a little reach around after that @** pounding...

So not to just be venting here's what I think the major problem boils down to and to anyone who's tried to kill a healer before you should be able to see the reasoning here; we still do as much damage as anyone (more even) we just die at the sight of a mage. Without the rediculous survivability of a 2 minute cooldown Cloak of Shadows or a Hunter axe pally bubble we just don't have the capacity to mete out the kind of punishment we used to when everyone was breakable. Compound this with a serious lack of crowd control and we become the target dummy.

This doesnt mean we wont win. If you want to feel good about your class catch a rogue on cooldown with a good 12 seconds of recklessness, that'll make you smile for a second. It's what happens after those seconds are over, we're dismantled and staring down the kiting end of a hunter that things just become detestable.

Gimme a damn bubble. Better yet, how about a death strike that heals regardless of hitting. I'd even settle for a cooldown-less HoT.

Here's hoping gents.
02/23/2012 08:18 PMPosted by Cephius
i was *%@!d by a lvl 84 all green resto druid
Dude just stop doing pvp. It is not for you.
you want changes stop rolling other classes stop payment on your wow time money talks bull !@#$ walks you know how many warrior lovers have changed classes this patch thousands. This is what there after blizzard stoped caring about us a long time ago. They dont really care what you think if you have input on the game they could careless this is there game. (BUT YOU PAY FOR IT) stop qqing and do something about it !
BTW this is my main 399 pvp warrior. Under 1600 rating cause srly why even go arenas anymore i just help my guildies cap. And before any of you failed warriors try to troll come to maive get distroyed then talk !@#$ lol.

i dont care about pve, but warriors in pvp are not so bad, but i agree we need some love.
Warrior is useless. Blizzard is retarded. End of story, quit and go play something better. That's what I'm doing.
But Fury, lols. If I miss my first few hits, I have no rage, shouts are on cooldown, white damage is being absorbed. Then I pop berserker rage which barely gives me the rage to herp derp deeps.

No idea about rage gen for prot though? It's like the bear right? Without the hots?

Prot warriors are ok with rage since they're the ones getting punched in the face durring pve. pvp they have no real starvation.

Fury PvE or PvP is the same: 22-24% hit and you'll never want for rage.

Checked you on the armory, you know how it is. I know what you mean... nothing like being kited, on cooldown and stuck between a preist and a druid... ... ...

Playing a warrior gives me a rage bar.

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