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02/27/2012 09:15 AMPosted by Torage
Ugh, math class today. why is it that i can sit down an crunch numbers for raid DPS but cant stand math class?

Math class doesn't drop phat lewtz.

Off to give a speech about how to make a sandwich! Woo speech class x.x
Sitting around anxiously waiting for SOMETHING to give me any sort of idea if I even got an interview with this company for the summer.

Uhhhg. Worst, yet best thing ever; required internships before you can graduate.
02/27/2012 09:42 AMPosted by Clutche
Looks like I got a case of the Mondays.

I stayed up all night, drank 2 monsters and now everything is exciting, however, i cant stop twitching my leg = \

Jk, I'm payed to be an IT admin, not a developer testing for memory leaks -_-
Heading 50 miles away to install a FXO module on an analog system and trying to figure out a way to let the completely oblivious new manager dude know that you can't have full PRI function with four analog lines.

Noob doesn't have VOIP...bahahaha =P
You still have to get the dialtone. It's a VOIP PBX.
*Goes back to school* T_T
Well, I wish we could have sold them the trunks (dialtone) but they went with Verizon instead since MCI pretty much owns all the copper south of Houston.

*edit* so they got a package deal with data+analog.
Verizon owns so much copper i was forced to switch to them due to the fact they kept !@#$ing with my other services seeing as they all had to go through their lines. Its funny because i told them i would take them to court, but somehow the evidence dissipated within days....strange.
Well, I don't know wtf we are going to do in the next two years. We are on with Comcast fiber, but they won't let us do any kind of point to point service over their Coax network at all.

This blows serious goats for us, as that bandwidth is so much cheaper (and in a lot of parts of town better due to AT&T NEVER fixing their lines) for our customers.

It's hard to justify a $200+ circuit that gets maxed by updating your ipad as your main connection just because we can have QoS on it.
Omg - staying up all night was not a good game plan.
I'm so insanely tired now.


I expected you to go to bed maybe an hour after I did, not almost 5 hours. At least you almost caught up, too.

Silly Tally.
First time playing EnhaPVP since the purge nerf of 4.0.3.

It was a bloodbath lets say.
Oh well back to the Warrior. XD
02/27/2012 11:24 AMPosted by Kangarooster
Behind Blue Eyes

The Who

Sorry, fixed it for you.
Going through my youtube viewing history, just found the Limp Bizkit cover of "Behind Blue Eyes" that someone here linked.


ruined day

In fairness, I didn't link it. You looked it up.
Actually, Machine, he's talking about the bastardized version that was written for some pos Halle Berry movie that stunk just as bad as the song.
02/27/2012 10:25 AMPosted by Samayael
staying up all night

I did too.

I'm on my 5th (6th?) coke.


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