What was vanilla/old wow like?

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I just started playing wow at the beginning of cata, and I want to know what was vanilla wow/any wow before cata like and what made it fun? what was your favorite memory about it?
please tell me.
I only started during Wrath. Here were my favorite things about it -

1. Huge, epic feeling raids. Ulduar, ICC in particular were grandiose and packed packed packed with lore.
2. Dalaran as neutral hub. I miss mingling with Alliance and the days of Dalaran being bustling with activity.
3. playing Enhancement Shaman in wrath, I have the carpel tunnel to prove it but I loved every second of it.
4. Ulduar for a second time. yeah.
5. Leveling took longer and I actually got attached to characters I leveled. I know this seems odd to some but I don't really like leveling out of zones before I finish half of the quests. I don't use heirlooms to level either.
Most of those who have their "rose colored glasses" on miss the newness of the game and that most everyone were newbs. You cannot get that feeling back. Other than that the game was not more fun. Koworu pretty much puts it in a nutshell.
I of course have nostalgic feelings toward original WoW, and I did love the game. The game itself was not hard, but the lack of features did make the game more time-consuming. There were far less flight paths, and paths had to be discovered before you could use them. There were no "sparkles" over quest objectives and mobs needed for quests were not highlighted. Also, you were not able to purchase a mount until level 40 which means you spent a lot of time on foot. There were no queues for dungeons and you had to form a group in general/trade chat and travel there, use the summoning stones, etc.

Again, the lack of these features did not make the game harder, but did make it much more time consuming.

Ultimately, what made the game fun was that it was my first time through. And that feeling cannot be recaptured again. I would probably feel the same way about Cataclysm if I was just starting the game today for the first time.
Imagine a time when it took several months of playing 3 to 6 hours a day just to level your character up to 60.

Then imagine having to spam the hell outta level 55 dungeons with 8 different guild groups of 5 so you could go into Molten Core and kill trash for 6 hours and maybe down a boss that drops ONE piece of Shaman/Paladin gear while you play on the Alliance/Horde, thereby making you having spent all your time to get a single upgrade for nobody in particular. Ooh, oh, but you got rep!!!

Sure as hell was not like this, that's for sure. The only dungeon spamming being done is in Wrath/Cata.

Best part of Vanilla? No Tell-You-Where-To-Go quests. You read the text and found out where things were based on that text. Loved it.
It was mostly like today, without Dailies, without as many factions, and significantly slower.

There was no flight, and no dungeon summons - so you *had* to ride to all instances after finding a group.

Now, the good side of that is there was much more time to get to know people. Everquest was even better, as it was omfg slow hah!

Now its easier and faster, but its rush rush rush all the time and no one talks.
As a warrior, you stacked as much spirit as you could on your gear while leveling to increase hp regen out of combat.
I know I'm not the only one who did that.

Also, half the players you met while leveling out in the world were hunters, the other half were rogues, so you pretty much got the feeling that everyone but you was playing a hunter and you were missing out on something.
AV that could take several days to complete.
Bosses didnt always drop epics. Epics were rare.
Weeks/months farming gear for the whole raid.
40 man raids.
Gold was HARD.
Dungeons and raids required Keys. Getting those keys required repgrinding or long drawn out quest chains. I still have my UBRS key even though it's no longer required.

Ouland is awesome!
Karazahn was the best raid ever.
CC in dungeons was necessary.
Epics became easier to get but still required work.
Dungeons weren't short. No such thing as taking 30 minutes to complete.
Had to actually travel to the instance.
Dungeons and raids required Keys. Getting those keys required repgrinding or long drawn out quest chains.

Epics flooded Azeroth.
DKs were born.
EZ mode was born.
Dungeon finder.
Healers never went oom.
A good healer could carry a whole group of 5 if the Tank wasnt a complete moron.
Ulduar was the best raid in this expansion. Pure awesomeness.

Anymore questions?
In a nutshell, bring the class, not the player. This was pretty much the theory of Vanilla raiding.
I wouldn't say that it took 6 hours to maybe kill a boss. When I raided MC back in the day, we'd often down at least 2-4 bosses in a 4 hour time frame. Though I will agree that the trash was very excessive in there, and our raid group did consist of players from two separate guilds.

-Leveling to 60 could take about a month or two of dedicated play, assuming you were familiar with the best way to maximize your xp/hour on the right quests.

-Obtaining your epic mount at 60 was a true feat. Gold didn't come to you as easily as it does now. Unless you were very savvy with playing the AH and spent a good portion of your time while leveling 1-60 taking detours to farm, then it was unlikely you'd be anywhere close to affording your epic mount upon reaching max level.

-Paladins and warlocks had a chain of quests to obtain their epic mounts, and the quest chains were a lot of fun. The boss for the paladin quest in Scholomance was a bit of a pain though -.-

-There were no Battlegroups. The only people you ever encountered in PvE and PvP were the people on your server. AV at the time was fun for some, and hell for others. A single match could last for days. You would join in on the fun, get some kills in and do what you could to make some progress. Then you'd call it a night, and the next day log in to see how the war effort was coming along.

-Everyone wasn't in epic gear. In fact, to completely gear yourself in epic quality gear took a lot of work, time and patience. It was likely that the dungeon gear from level 60 dungeons were the best quality gear you would see for quite a while.

-UBRS/LBRS were 10 man raids, rather than 5 man dungeons. Though they still dropped only rare quality gear, since the raid itself wasn't exactly a big challenge. But it still took coordination and time to see it through to the end.

Just to name a few things.
Horde couldn't play paladins back then, so it was inevitable that paladin tier pieces would drop in your raids. I remember laughing at that for a while and then getting kind of sick of it. I'm sure Alliance players felt similarly to Shaman gear dropping for them.

On the subject of classes, if you wanted to raid the game essentially forced you to play a certain spec or not be invited. Paladins were Holy and they passed out buffs for six hours a night. If you were a healer, you healed and that was all there was to it...ele shaman and ret paladins were more or less shunned entirely.

Leveling was the most time-consuming it has ever been in this game's history. Quest chains literally sent you across the ocean merely to go talk to someone and then come all the way back.

No RDF, so you sometimes spent hours trying to put groups together for 5-mans.

BRS and Stratholme were actually considered progression raids and tuned for 15 people once upon a time. I think Scholo capped out at 10 people, but I'm honestly a little shady on that.

There were good things. There were a lot of things that, when seen through the lense of Wrath and TBC, I could never fathom going through again.

Edit: I left out the old PvP system!! Honor Points weren't a spendable currency...they were a statistic that essentially placed you in a ranking system exclusive to your realm. Every realm had a single High Warlord/Grand Marshall in a given week. High Warlords were rare and had access to a vendor with insanely awesome weapons. Also, PvP gear was entirely viable in PvE content and vice versa...raiding guilds in full T1/T2 gear would queue as a group and absolutely dominate every BG they got.
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Best part of Vanilla? No Tell-You-Where-To-Go quests. You read the text and found out where things were based on that text. Loved it.

Except for a lot of them were misleading. They talked about things in the North, never mentioning that you actually had to go west into a completely different zone to finish it.
Imagine running a BG without seeing a Worgen or Blood Elf. It was like pure bliss.
02/27/2012 12:16 PMPosted by Goshi
Best part of Vanilla? No Tell-You-Where-To-Go quests. You read the text and found out where things were based on that text. Loved it.

Those were very few and other than that they were go kill 30 of this and 20 of that. BTW you can turn off the in game quest helper.

At least now I can get out in the world to get things done while in que instead of having to stay in IF or wherever spamming trade for a group. World chat was short lived so you can't go with that either. If you wanted to get into a battleground you had to stand by the war master. You could not leave the war room.
Vanilla pvp was grindy as hell took forever to rank up through the system. And when you did, if you stopped pvping for a little your rank would go down. Also Alterac valley took like 8 hours.

I'd rather have WoW as it is now, than vanilla anyday. That being said alterac valley, which i particularly enjoy, isnt that fun now either. But it's a *bit* better then 8 hour stand stills of endless back and forth and getting nowhere,
Imagine ungodly amounts of PvP covering the entirety of the zones, EPL, Hillsbrad, Silithus, Barrens and many others.

ITs what I mis most.
Basically, vanilla WoW was a primitive version of what we have now. It took forever to level, and most of the conveniences we have in the game now simply didn't exist. I'll always remember spending forever conjuring food and then water for 40 raiders before Molten Core.

And let's not forget the endless time it took getting a PUG together only to finally get to the instance and have it fall apart. And sorting out paladin buffs ... eeeww.

It was fun at the time, but you couldn't pay me to play on a vanilla server now.
Imagine a world where it took you literally 1 hour to get to ST or BRM from Org. Imagine spending hours at a time forming groups by spamming trade, only to see them dissolve 5 seconds in because no one else but you got to the summoning stone...

Imagine a world where the best way to get money was to kill mobs in Tyr's hand.

Imagine a world where you had to fight farmers for the slowly respawning air elementals in Silithus.

Imagine a world where factions were gained by long and tedious farming sessions. Twilight texts for CC, scales for TB, feathers and necklaces for Timbermaw, tokens for Argent Dawn. And that is not including your very own cities.

Imagine a world where it took days upon days of constant BG grinding in order to get to GM/HWL, imagine getting there and then RL forcing you to stop playing for a couple of weeks, so when you finally came back you had lost everything.

Imagine a world where stepping off the beaten path was highly risky.

Imagine a world where hunters had to go seeking for a higher level mob just to train their pet the next rank of a certain ability. Where any beast you tamed kept its original level and you had to grind low level mobs for weeks until your new pet was at your level.

In short: imagine a world where everything was many times as obnoxious to do.

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