What was vanilla/old wow like?

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02/27/2012 12:11 PMPosted by Avaryce
Most of those who have their "rose colored glasses" on miss the newness of the game and that most everyone were newbs. You cannot get that feeling back. Other than that the game was not more fun. Koworu pretty much puts it in a nutshell.

This is only true for those who cry for "vanilla only" servers.

And, interestingly enough, what Koworu said can also be interpreted in a positive way, which is what I did.

The game was, in short, much more immersive AND much more demanding. And that was its main attraction.
It was a lot more unique than it is now. PVP was more fun then as well...if you had the time to do the BGs that is.

Thinking more into it, it was more of a challenge, which is what made it fun. You needed more of a variety of gear for resistances, which was a bit annoying but it makes sense.
02/27/2012 12:41 PMPosted by Darekar
release state warrior were beyond horrible, i could not kill more then 1 mob of my lvl.

If you ever came across the need to kill two mobs at a time, you were skrewed unless you popped retaliation (which i believe was on a 10 minute cool down back then)
Same if you had to kill a mob that was even a level higher.

Now I'm pretty sure that wasn't always the case, but it was for the warriors that rolled arms and duel wielded daggers and stacked spirit.
Here's another shocker, back in early vanilla, no one laughed at me for doing that because no one else knew what the hell they were doing either.
The biggest challenges in Classic and BC were the linear endgame tiers.

This means when when you finished leveling a toon, you needed to collect each tier of gear in order to be able to progress to the next tier.

Upon hitting 60, you collected the Dunegon 1 set out of Strat, Scholo, LBRS, and UBRS. That got you geared well enough to hit the Molten Core and Onyxia for Tier 1. (Only lucky alts even got to raid at all, most endgame raiding was reserved for mains.)

If you got fully geared in T1, yep, then on to T2 in BWL, and onward through AQ and finally if you have a really cohesive raid team, Naxx.

Naxx-40 was.... well... we never got past Razuvious and for us it was an honor to just be in Naxx doing trash. Naxx was hardmode. Period. It would ream any raid not fully geared in T2.5 and farming AQ-40.

Outside of raiding, there were three things to do:

1.) PvP to up your rank.

2.) Farm gold. Farm really meant farming--killing trash in Tyr's Hand or Hearthglen for hours and AH any blues or greens (of if you're REALLY lucky, a purple).

3.) Roll an alt and level that one for few months (usually without any hope of raiding on that toon).

That was it. That was Classic.

BC was largely the same except for the addition of arenas and relatively easy-to-obtain PvP gear. BC had some really nasty reputation grinds, though. Much of the pre-raiding time was spent grinding up either your Aldor or Scryer reputation, then doing the individual reputations which got you access to the heroic dungeons and the Kara attunement.
The game was, in short, much more immersive AND much more demanding. And that was its main attraction.

Having to spend a longer time doing something does not make it better. The main attraction was that it was new. Everyone was new to the game. THAT was the attraction of classic. You either leveled a toon, raided end game or pvp'd and that was it. There is much more to do in game now than there was back then. Like I said in my other post, to each his own.
I enchanted my weapons with Int to get a quicker weapon skill level.
Old School PvP Title competition.
South Shore vs. Tarren Mill battles that went on forever (more enjoyable than AV 2 day events)
Alterac Valley 2 Day Events. Battleground that doesn't end = win.

Something has to be said, about how long us Vanilla players were in the game. People who say that time has no merit or value, you just have to look at it this way:

Vanilla WoW launched on November 23rd, 2004
June 20th, 2006 Was the last Content Patch which included 40-man Naxxramas
January 16th, 2007 was The Burning Crusade

Now, people might look and go "one year, that's it." But what you have to realize, is that the content as not as 'easily accessible'. Most people never set foot past the first couple bosses in Naxx. A lot of people didn't even finish AQ40, which was way back in Jan of 2006. AQ20 was for the most part cleared on most servers, but some servers just couldn't (be it population or whatever else) have the AQ Gates opened.

That means, the average player who was only doing PvP would be doing something like:

April 8th, 2005 to January 16th, 2007 was Tauren Mill vs. South Shore, and Trying to get that coveted Grand Marshall Title. While hitting your head against the AQ40 brick wall, or even dying on 4H in Naxx (Maybe even doing your T0.5 or Dungeon Set 1 Dungeon Set Upgrades)

I think that's what made it fun really. There was still a lot of stuff to do, and it all actually had to do with progressing your character that would affect the world. PvP was titles, honorable kills and penalty's. Raiding and trying to kill 4H, doing the quests for Rep in ZG and Silithus for AQ rep. Those shoulders looked awesome back then ( Conquerors Garb for Warriors <3 )
Here are a couple more thoughts on Classic regarding class and spec balance:

There was none.

Some classes could solo very well. Rogues, hunters, and mages were the superior leveling and soloing classes. If you could solo elites out in the world as any class, it was a mark of skill (and having raid gear).

Warriors struggled with soloing content of their own level, especially very early on, shortly after release in early 2005. They had rage generation problems and took a lot of damage for the damage they dealt. Don't even try to solo things as a Classic prot warrior (which was true in BC as well--it was possible, but it took a long time to kill anything).

As far as specs go, Blizzard didn't subcribe to the whole "each spec needs to be viable in PvE and PvP" idea that they've had the last few years.

Frost mages were for PvP, soloing, and T1 and T2 content (which was largely immune to fire). Fire mages were optimal in AQ and Naxx. Arcane... oh yes, there was no such thing as an arcane mage. Arcane was our class' utility tree. That meant that there weren't many offensive arcane-specific DPS talents in the entire tree. It was all stuff like Improved Arcane Explosion, which made Arcane Explosion instant, and the like. Let's not forget Wand Specialization, either.

Starting a priest was a challenge. For the first ten levels, all you could do effectively was wand. Smite would run you out of mana after a mob or two. So, you bubblewanded (casting bubble then wanding a mob to death) until you could start taking shadow talents.

I use a priest as an example, because it illustrates one of the finer points about Classic. Things started out pretty rough but became very rewarding if you put in the time. Priests became quite proficient at soloing at the higher levels, once the shadow talents started rolling in. (Holy priests were stuck with bubblewanding, however.)

The biggest thing I took away from Classic and BC both is best stated by this old cliché: You get out of something what you put into it. The game used to be very much this way.


I come across as nostalgic here, but to be honest, Wrath has been my favorite expansion to date because it did streamline the game a LOT. I loved the look and feel of Wrath, as well as the revolutionary introduction of LFG. LFR in Cata just extended that idea further. So, in short, I do think the game has vastly improved from the "glory days" of Classic and BC. No rose-colored lenses will change that.
For those of us that didn't raid, Progression was slow and painful (even more so than for the raiders)
Gearing your character meant spending months in AV for my unstoppable force and grinding for another few months to get my epic necklace from the Darkmoon Faire, all the while, farming for enough mats (another few months) to get my Lionheart Helm.

There wasn't enough bag space back then to collect mounts or pets, though some actually tried.
Back then, the mount was the costly part and the training was relatively cheap. (except epic riding)

Raids were so hard back then. I was told to stand here for 10 minutes and spam this ability.
“One day at a time--this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering.”
It was like making ice cream in a churn. YAY THIS IS FUN *GRIND* *GRIND* I LOVE THIS SO MUCH *GRIND* *GRIND* YAY WOOOOO
Getting a new Sword drop and being so excited!
equip sword
Attack mob
Mob dodges all of your attacks
"your Sword skill has increased to 2!"
You die
You rez and take the nearest flight path to org to get +intellect enchant for all your gear
you head back to Mulgore and farm lvl 10 mobs until you get your sword skill high enough to kill equal level mobs.
Then we hit 60 and sat in IF spamming LF1M tank for scholo. Or even better, LF someone with ubrs key, paying well.

Haven't leveled this guy since I started playing again - quit a few months before WotLK.

Anyway.. going back:

I miss Fear that would take a LOT of damage before it broke.

I miss when pvp trinkets didn't remove every CC. Each class had a specific trinket that removed a couple of specific CC's. (not every class could self-remove fear)

I miss when the Felguard FIRST came out. He was a BEAST.

I miss the feeling I got when me and another 'Lock got a group together to travel to Dire Maul to get our epic mounts. "..we just gotta hold this group together a little longer..!"

That's it for the selfish. :p

On a whole I miss the battlegrounds being server only. You really got to know your teammates and those on the opposing side. "Kill soandso first or he will WRECK us!"

eta: Forgot about the 'uniqueness' of each faction. No Pallies on Horde, no Shaman on Alliance.
I couldnt tell you. But I imagine it was not that fun given the descriptions people are giving.
85 Blood Elf Priest
Walmart Security

AV that could take several days to complete.
Bosses didnt always drop epics. Epics were rare.
Weeks/months farming gear for the whole raid.
40 man raids.
Gold was HARD.
Dungeons and raids required Keys. Getting those keys required repgrinding or long drawn out quest chains. I still have my UBRS key even though it's no longer required.

Ouland is awesome!
Karazahn was the best raid ever.
CC in dungeons was necessary.
Epics became easier to get but still required work.
Dungeons weren't short. No such thing as taking 30 minutes to complete.
Had to actually travel to the instance.
Dungeons and raids required Keys. Getting those keys required repgrinding or long drawn out quest chains.

Epics flooded Azeroth.
DKs were born.
EZ mode was born.
Dungeon finder.
Healers never went oom.
A good healer could carry a whole group of 5 if the Tank wasnt a complete moron.
Ulduar was the best raid in this expansion. Pure awesomeness.

Anymore questions?

This. ^
02/27/2012 01:33 PMPosted by Hixson
Raids were so hard back then. I was told to stand here for 10 minutes and spam this ability.

Actually, they were hard. Very few servers even completed Naxx 40 before it was removed from the game, as well as C'Thun. Most people just never saw that content (including me). It took a lot of dedication and work to tell your people what to do.

Try doing it nowadays. Tell someone, "Your doing it wrong, you have to do THIS when the boss does THAT." and they go "(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻"

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