What was vanilla/old wow like?

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months/years farming gear for the whole raid.

There, fixed that for ya.
Way way way back (i think before BWL) Raids didn't have a weekly lock out. After that, your entire raid could go the whole week not getting any new gear. Thats 40 totally pissed off people.
02/27/2012 01:55 PMPosted by Orsnoire

Actually, they were hard. Very few servers even completed Naxx 40 before it was removed from the game, as well as C'Thun. Most people just never saw that content (including me). It took a lot of dedication and work to tell your people what to do.

Try doing it nowadays. Tell someone, "Your doing it wrong, you have to do THIS when the boss does THAT." and they go "(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻"

The real reason why Naxx 40 wasn't completed on most servers had little to do with the "difficulty" of the raid and LOTS to do with the absurd time sink that was gearing an entire raid to be able to DO said raid.

You may want to believe that isn't true, but you're deluding yourself.

I never did it, it wasn't easy. It took a lot of time that I would rather spend doing other stuff with less people involved... like 2.

02/27/2012 01:53 PMPosted by Orsnoire
Funny thing is...the things you bring up as the "features" of Vanilla that were oh so much different back in the day are exactly the same as they are now. There's just as much to do in WoW as there was in Vanilla; in fact, there is a LOT more to do now than there was in Vanilla.

They are different. A lot different. Multiple people can have a "2200 rank". In Vanilla, one person per week was Grand Marshall, and everyone tried to overtake him/her. It's not the same. Same principal but not the same execution. I do agree there's so much more to do now than there was back then. But when you look at the time it takes to do things that we used to do, they had to put more things in. When it takes you 4 months to farm ZG for rep, and now you can put on a tabard and do it in a weekend for any faction. That's a big huge massive difference.

And since this seems like it's going to turn into a "current wow is better, old wow was horrible, and if you don't think so, you're deluding yourself." topic... Let me put this in there. The OP wanted to know what Old WoW was like. Not that the new one is better. He wanted to know what the experience was like. Millions of people enjoyed it for years before TBC came out, and it was just the natural way that the game progressed that made it bigger and bigger. One is not _better_ than the other, one is just simply more accessible than the other.
magine a time when it took several months of playing 3 to 6 hours a day just to level your character up to 60.

Then imagine having to spam the hell outta level 55 dungeons with 8 different guild groups of 5 so you could go into Molten Core and kill trash for 6 hours and maybe down a boss that drops ONE piece of Shaman/Paladin gear while you play on the Alliance/Horde, thereby making you having spent all your time to get a single upgrade for nobody in particular. Ooh, oh, but you got rep!!!


Or relate to real life.

Imagine spending weeks trying to get this great girl to go out with you. You spend a long time just trying to get her to notice you. Finally she does.

Then imagine having to spam (er call) her constantly having to listen to her drone on about her 8 different friends and 5 different pairs of shoes just so you could get the chance to ask her out. You take her out and spend $200 on dinner and drinks for half the night, then take her home. You escort her to the door and expect at least a kiss. Then she shakes your hand and tells you she can't wait until you do it again next week.

So then you go back to the bar and start farming again.
-Taking 10 people to Strat, the bosses dropped greens and you still didn't make the timer for the mount to drop.
-The quest line for the Drakehide pendant. Brutal is an understatement.
-People were nicer then. They stood around Goldshire and talked. There was always a group to kill Hogger.
-You could kill the opposite faction for ore.
-Epic riding cost 500g? (it's been so long I can't remember)
- Dragon hunting. Zonewide yell meant a world dragon was up. If somebody beat you to it, just wipe them.
- Kiting bosses to SW

-Fel Reaver >.<
-Getting keyed for Kara
-Pugging a healer for Kara that said your group sucked but they had Carrot on Stick for a trinket.
-The excitement of flying.
-This was our first xpac, we were all excited with new things to explore.

-Death Knights (love mine)
-The beautiful city of Dalaran
-Naxx again

The only good thing was that this toon got to be a gnome girl instead of an ugly human boy.
Being in a raid group raiding a city and some one starts killing gaurds. Oh the implementation of dishonorable kills sucked. Basically any honor gained that week would be lost with a few deaths of civilians.
Being in a raid group raiding a city and some one starts killing gaurds. Oh the implementation of dishonorable kills sucked. Basically any honor gained that week would be lost with a few deaths of civilians.

ooooh good one.
Vanilla wow was great. We had a real community (not this phony LFG community of today). We had challenging content that wasn't handed to us and no one really cared if they didn't get to see Naxx at the time. We had epic BGs and and challenging pve content. There was stuff going on outside of major cities (GASP) like world pvp and people collecting war supplies to open the AQ gates (the most amazing wow event EVER). We had a real leveling process that somewhat ensured people knew how to play their class at lvl 60.

Don't let the naysayers fool you. Vanilla was an amazing game that attracted 6.5 million players and turned WoW into the most successful north american MMO of all time.
What was vanilla/old wow like?

02/27/2012 12:17 PMPosted by Cigarettes
As a warrior, you stacked as much spirit as you could on your gear while leveling to increase hp regen out of combat.

lol you also needed spell hit as a warrior for taunts.
I don't know about rose color glasses or false nostalgia feelings. But I had the most fun in vanilla and BC.

Yes the game was a lot harder, more tedious and not even close to being as user(noob) friendly as it is today.

- Only one auction house in one major city per faction.

- No quest tracking or map indicators.

- Mounts at 40 and 60 only and they cost a fortune for most.

- No honor points until halfway in vanilla and even so, they were given out at the end of the week only.

- Finding a group was 100x harder and even so it was a low chance that you would even complete the instance because they were very hard. Your rewards for completing it? Chance at blue gear(not epics).

- You have to manually move from flight point to flight point and they were ridiculously long.

- Raiding was out of the question for the majority of players who could not join a good guild or commit the time just to meet the "pre-raid" requirements.

- You could not buy different mounts unless you were exhalted with that race.

- There were no daily quests for gold and the money you did get from questing was trivial.

- Weekly maintenance down time could last from a few hours to a few days at times.

- Many classes had utterly useless talent trees and were only viable with one spec for raiding.

- You can only use one talent spec. There were no talent previews so if you screwed up you had to reset for a cost that was expensive back then and doubled everytime you respecced.

But the great part was most people were noobs and new to MMOs and there were less egos and elitists. Most people played to have a good time and to discover things not to collect epics and look down on others.
OK, here goes. I joined WoW about 2 months after launch through a friend from work. Created a NElf hunter and joined his guild. The GM ran out to the starting area with my friend and handed me a tabard, a gold, and my buddy handed me Timmy's Pea Shooter which was lvl 22 or 23 I think. The GM said "Welcome to the guild and we'll see you when you're level 55."
So there I was, alone and in the World. In guild chat they would answer some questions for me but the main thing was to learn your class. Learn to think about what you're doing and most importantly, learn to fight with what your class had to offer.
Now back then we hunters didn't get a pet till lvl 10. And we had to complete a quest line to get the ability. Seems all the classes had to complete quest lines to get anything back then. We walked and ran everywhere because there was no mount till level 40 and gold was much harder to get back then as well. My own mount didn't come along till level 43 and only because I stopped training to conserve gold.
I started on a PvP server (Sargeras) and areas were clearly marked as friendly, neutral, and hostile. In your own area and neutral areas you had to flag yourself for PvP, but just 1 step into hostile territory flagged you. Sometimes you couldn't avoid the flag and the ganking would be merciless. There were also ways to "draw" you into being flagged. All I remember about that is that it took me about 3 months to clear the quests in STV.
During my time out in the World the GM would tell me what to work on from time to time. "Learn to use your traps" and then later "Learn to kite things". You see, crowd control was vital in jnstances back then and any hunter who couldn't kite was worthless.
Finally when I hit 55 the guild came out and took assesment of what I had learned. The GM had me pull mobs of 5-6 at my level or a level under to see how I could handle myself with traps, feign, and my pet. Then they made me kite the big demon from Duskwood to Stormwind. Once that was done they quickly got me to 60 and we started ZG runs. We had to learn the fights as a guild for any success and later applied that to running the big instances like MC.
It sounds like it sucked but it was the opposite. You had to think and learn things. You failed miserably lots of times before you figured the right way and got it done. And when you did get it done you felt good...really good. You had accomplished something. I guess more than anything, WoW tested you back then and it was a very unforgiving teacher that demanded you know your lessons. I feel it made me a better hunter and when I get compliments in LFG runs these days I just smile and thank that old GM who said "See you at 55."
Oh I had fun with good ole vanilla. I think it started to make a huge decline once wotlk hit. But it was still like getting punched in the face once a week sometimes.
man all of this sounds really cool.
keep on postin'
02/27/2012 02:07 PMPosted by Orsnoire
The problem is that those like you who talk about old wow aren't being honest, so people like me who remember what it was like due to actually ATTAINING alot of the accomplishments you reference try to set the record straight, and those who post nostalgia to threads like these don't like that shot of reality in the discussion.

I attained at least everything that you could have, assuming you finished Naxx 40 prior to the release of TBC (unless you completed your full Tier 3 from Naxx... I lacked the chest and helm), and I think the original WoW just just awesome. The world was massive and raiding required progression... you didn't just hit level 60 and jump into whatever the latest raid was.

People like you view the original WoW from various points in its future... from TBC, or from Wrath, or from now. At the time, when none of the improvements existed and it was released on the heels of EQ2, WoW had no equal. Even with all the terrain glitches and various bugs and complete imbalance between classes and ungodly grind (how long for the exalted ring from AQ? Or even getting the AQ gate open?), most people loved it. It was the best there had ever been. Yes, I remember trying for hours to find someone with the key to UBRS, or the guild-destroying wipefest of BWL, and Molten Bore for the umpteenth time, but I had a lot of fun doing all that because, again, there was nothing that compared at the time.

Now... after all the revisions to characters and mechanics and gear function, I would dread to even think about having to trudge through that mess again. These people that talk about rose-colored glasses... most didn't start playing retail WoW on Nov. 22, 2004 and realize what a monumental leap it was in the evolution of MMOs at the time. With the possible exception of The Old Republic (which has huge potential if the devs can capitalize on its strengths and prune out its weaknesses like the WoW team did with their product), nothing has come even close to WoW in what... 7 1/2 years now? They didn't start that track record with a product that everyone hated.

02/27/2012 02:07 PMPosted by Orsnoire
Posts about how "great" Vanilla was should make that argument outright, because that's the only "good" part about Vanilla.

This is what I meant by all that. You talk about how terrible the original WoW is... not was. You compare it from a point where something better is around. If it was that terrible, why'd you stick around and get all those accomplishments? How did something so horrible turn into a record-setting MMO an order of magnitude over its competitors for 7 1/2 years? Because, while it is terrible now, it was the best thing in the MMO gaming world since home computers were created. Very, very rarely have I ever seen someone talking about how awful the original game was when they aren't backing up their opinion with comparisons on changes and improvements from successive expansions. The only reason your post among the others on the forum caught my attention was because you simply stated that it wasn't 'good,' with no basis for the opinion at all.
If you saw an enhancement shaman with the legendary mace from ragnaros, you ran in fear bc you know he would just spam FROST SHOCK. and 1 shot you.

Also i little further back, if you saw a warrior with an arconite reaper, you would pray to the wow gods. because you were going to get steamrolled. and this was a BLUE...a freaking BLUE weapon..oh how i miss those days.

also 40 man raids...no matter what you say 40 man raids were freaking epic. my guild first rag kill was probably the most epic kill ever. vent was crazy with screams, and people happy after a night full of wiping. you just dont see that stuff now in the game.

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