What was vanilla/old wow like?

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02/27/2012 06:28 PMPosted by Creepyspice
Our guild is doing the vanilla raiding now. Of course we hit a lot harder so most of the time we're doing the 40 with 20-25.

We did BWL with 12 60's once.
People who said vanilla wasn't hard didn't play this game at all or were just big fail person who could not raid or play because the game was too hard and needed too much grind...Look back and if you look properly...most of the better guilds needed some weeks and months to down the hard boss pre-nerf like rag in mc or vael in bwl and chrommagus in bwl as well...C'thun pre-nerf wasn't even doable and naxx 60 was even harder...Vanilla was very fun and very challenging...Well, there was some bad things too but world pvp was amazing, raids on capital, professions were very useful back then, the community was epic, 40 men raids were my best experience in wow and pvp at the tyrs hand in easthern plagueland...I have to agree with the fact that it was long and frustrating sometimes and the pvp was maye imbalanced...but it is imbalanced now and the resilience didn't exist and it was better this way...the good old av...great times...rest in peace wow pre-bc and good memories!
grindy, but satisfying. I still have mixed feelings about running around eastern/western plaguelands trying to collect blood of heros to complete the quest for breastplate of the chromatic flight...along with many undead strath/ubrs runs...i hate you gyth
What was good about vanilla:

The content actually lasted awhile. There were many dungeons that weren't just linear corridors, particularly the end game dungeons. Especially Blackrock Depths or Scholomance, you felt like you were actually on an adventure. They contained secrets that weren't immediately noticed. Now days that the game's been fully puggified it's all about instant gratification.

The persistent world actually meant something. Now days you sit in town, join a queue, then alt tab until you hear the horn sound. I know WoW is referred to as a themepark MMO, but at least Disneyland has Fastpass now...

What was bad about vanilla:

There's a reason it was called Molten Bore. MC was very much a rough prototype for raiding, it never really felt like they bothered to do much polishing. Then Ragnaros dropping T2 pants made it very hard to convince people who had gotten unlucky on that drop that we should stop running it.

Though it might still be better than Dragon Soul.

The ugly:

Server instability and game breaking bugs were plentiful.
Imagine a time when it took several months of playing 3 to 6 hours a day just to level your character up to 60.

Then imagine having to spam the hell outta level 55 dungeons with 8 different guild groups of 5 so you could go into Molten Core and kill trash for 6 hours and maybe down a boss that drops ONE piece of Shaman/Paladin gear while you play on the Alliance/Horde, thereby making you having spent all your time to get a single upgrade for nobody in particular. Ooh, oh, but you got rep!!!

You might have wanted to add that horde didn't have paladins and alliance didn't have shamans at the time.
The only thing I continue to miss is actually hanging out and running dungeons with guildmates and friends. The lower population servers I played on were like small towns where everyone knew each other. There was a great sense of community and I was really able to enjoy the social aspect on this game. Running dungeons used to be fun.

RDF has pretty much killed this, at least for me. I don't even run dungeons anymore because it's simply not enjoyable. I pretty much just solo all the time :(
Used to play with my friends in those days.. Much drama was to be had over finding a healer with a group that included 3 dps and one tank.

One guy being forced to step in as the healer every time (shammy) pretty much killed the fun of WoW for them.

I went off to explore the wilds as all good hunters did. Explored the zones way higher than me... trying to be the rogue/hunter that I am.

The world was new and full of things to discover and dungeons to loot. Azeroth was quite big when there were no flying mounts.

They were the days before the game was mapped to death, before an addon or an ingame system would tell you where to go or what a boss was about to do. A time when things were still a mystery.

I will never regret a moment of my time during those days...I miss the old days sometimes, mostly I miss not knowing what came next, I miss the adventure....bring it back blizzard...bring it back

I played back in Vanilla and if i remember correctly if you were horde pally gear didn't drop at all till right before BC when paladins were going to be available for horde and that was only for a couple weeks. I cleared MC 6 or 7 times and no pally gear ever dropped for us.
I started in BC. It was a lot of fun, I was really noob at the start and gradually got better and my play style naturally changed along the way, and there was always something to do (even as a little baddie I had reps to grind, heroics to run, stuff like that) and grinding a rep out always seemed to mean something.

When I got to more serious raiding, I was lucky that my main was a priest and my first alt was an enh shammy, so I always had a raid spot on them. My other alts were a mage (niche class, locks were favoured for their dps) and a prot pally (again niche, only viable on certain fights) and that kind of sucked in a way, but in another way I think that built a lot of class pride (though I probably wouldn't feel the same if my main wasn't one of the favoured classes).

The expansion as a whole had an awesome atmosphere about it even though there were insane balance issues anywhere and it seemed the developers didn't care (unlike now where things are constantly balanced even between patches when necessary).

As for Classic: http://www.darklegacycomics.com/326.html
If you want to know what Vanilla or Original WoW felt like to play, download the free version of Lord of the Rings Online, they both play about the same except WoW had Addons that worked. Travel in LotRO is a huge PITA, much like how all of the people complaining about portals in cities want it to be again.

WoW is currently a much better game no matter what many of the cranky old timers are saying. There is a lot of nostalgic Rose Tinted glasses occurring when remembering Vanilla by many. Anyway even with some of the social issues currently in Cataclysm I would take it any day of the week over many of the other games out there. The only one out there that can hold my attention other than WoW is SWToR.
Vanilla = the true mmorpg

woltk,cata = wow with massive /showmethemoney for whiners

come on, which true rpg is easy? its the whiners that whine wow into another facebook game
To me WoW is and always will be about the people you play with. BC will always live in my mind as the best expansion of WoW, partially for nostalgia but mainly b/c my raiding guild and the friends I met in there and played with every night for years.

Now, sadly, most have moved on. =/
You sign in 30 minutes before raid and get an addon to auto trade water... It was an epic feeling and back then pvp gear wasn't easy purple afk epics.
Vanilla = the true mmorpg

woltk,cata = wow with massive /showmethemoney for whiners

come on, which true rpg is easy? its the whiners that whine wow into another facebook game

says the DK
I just started playing wow at the beginning of cata, and I want to know what was vanilla wow/any wow before cata like and what made it fun? what was your favorite memory about it?
please tell me.

Depending on who you ask it was either a glorious paradise with streets paved with gold and was absolutely perfect without a single flaw, or it was a grindy unorganized overtuned and tiring mess that dragged on for way too long before something new was introduced.

The truth is probably someplace in the middle.
Oh funniest design flaw on BC: all that fire resist gear sold for badges (the equivalent of justice/valor) which basically had no use whatsoever.

I don't remember any BT bosses bugging out like current bosses do occasionally. It could just be selective memory of course, but everything just seemed to work in there, and it was a huge raid. These days it seems every raid has at least 1 boss that has a persistent, randomly occuring bug (in DS I believe it's actually 4 bosses; Zon'ozz, Warmaster, Spine and Madness are the ones I know of).
Also, who doesn't miss the epic SS vs TM battles?
02/27/2012 06:58 PMPosted by Ilfatan
Also, who doesn't miss the epic SS vs TM battles?
Thanks to the nostalgia effect, just because something is missed doesn't mean it was good.

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