Hyjal Sanctuary of Malorne not questable?

Hey all, was just questing in hyjal (doing all of the places Ysera says I can help) Ive done Shrine of Goldrinn, and Shrine of Aviana, and when I asked Ysera at Shrine of Aviana where to help, I said Id help at Sanctuary of Malorne, she says she sent someone to help, (Im guessing thats who Id talk to?), I head over there, and theres no quests. And yes, Ive done ALL of the quests at SoA. Any help?
i pretty sure there is a giant tree ancient that is being attacked by fire elementals i believe its phased until you talk to him. to the north east of the sanctuary of malorne.
Have you done the quests at the Shrine of Aessina, where you deal with the shackled Satyr and rescue the wee animals from the fires?
Did you do all of the quests inside the Firelands portals that you were sent to (from quest chains at the two shrines you mentioned doing)?

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