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Once again time for that perennial favorite, "Pronounce Your Name Forum Game."

Rules are simple,

1. Write out the correct pronounciation of your Character's name

That's it.

Bonus Points if your also write some of the most common mispronounciation.

Correct: Vvli-Sah

Common: Vee-sa, VLE-Sa, Vista (The last one always irks me)
"Cindy Lou. It's simple, I know, and rarely gets mispronunced." :}

straight forward i think

How do you mispronounce a 1 syllable word?
Idk, that does seem weird Writ, oh sorry I mean Write. :)
Myroluth is pronouced "my-row-looth"

Many have mispronounced my name as meh-ra-leth

one person called me mayonaise
Duke of death

...kinda a no-brainer really. :P
02/27/2012 06:29 PMPosted by Duckofdeath
Duke of death
Walrus of love

Its not hard.
Bran- zus

Every once in a blue moon i'll hear Bran- zeus
Correct: Mill-sa

Common Mistake: Melissa, Me-sa, Mill-say,

I'm waiting for someone to call me Mylune.
02/27/2012 06:29 PMPosted by Duckofdeath
Duke of death

" Duck I says... "
My name is a word in the english language, it is pronounce as such
Right: All - tha - raz

Wrong: Alter - raz

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