Your first class and why?!

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I watched my friend playing this game ages ago, he joined a battleground, explained to me what everyone was doing etc in the waiting room, he was leveling a hunter at the time, which I thought was pretty cool.. he had his own cat to attack his enemies!

Then in the corner of the WSG waiting room, I saw another hunters cat jumping up and down, I asked can you make your pet do that? he told me it was a druid, they can turn into cats, bears and tree's.

I made a druid.

Your turn! :D
This here lock. The description sounded awesome.
My first class was hunter. I loved bonding with my pet and actually needing to feed it...... I miss my little night elf fishing his way around duskshore/ashenvale to feed his little bear :( Now all my pets starve and they like it.
Human warrior. I liked the humans, and I saw that paladin had a mace and warrior had a sword, and I like swords! /roll warrior
This was back when my brother made me believe WoW was only on private servers and made me play on one during Wrath or TBC, not sure which one. I remember a quest where you had to kill worgen and my warrior kept getting pummeled.
So I gave up and rolled a BE hunter.
My first class was a night elf warrior names Sylvansteel! Chose the character/class combination because at the time I was obsessed with R.A. Salvatore's the Dark Elf Trilogy. :D
This is the very first character I made in WoW. I had never played an MMO before and a friend suggested I try a druid.
Because I felt that a Warlock suited me well.

It does.
Good on people for sticking with their first ever class.

Mine was on another acc I later let expire while I created another acc for the purpose of twinking at 60/70 back in the day.

I still have an 85 druid that I very much enjoy playing though :P
huntard i wanted a dinosaur to eat people :D
Troll Shaman just for the sheer fact that Ally didn't have them.
troll shaman ... because i thought shamen shape shifted(druid).... lol but I kept him
My first class is this here toon I'm replying with! :D

My boyfriend got me into WoW and he played a Mage so he suggested I start out with one too. :)
Undead frost mage.... because I wanted to become a Lich.
in WoTLk, In cybercafe I saw people were using warrior as tank and how demanding is warrior at that time for raid.

I create Warrior in cata, still playing it. Thought in GW, I played warrior as well.

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