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My very first was a holy pally, poorly geared, but I liked the 'magic' I guess. However, eventually (even though I'm a girl lol), I realized that although they are good for healing, they kinda suck at melee which is what i really wanted to do... kill things! So, i made this here DK, my (so far) first toon to lvl to 85 and pretty badas.... anyway, I finally get to kill things! ;)
This was my first. I was reading about the classes and it said shaman were like the "Jack of all trades" Seemed good cause i couldn't make up my mind on a playstyle.

Unfortunately i fell in love with my shaman (ele) and have been trying way too hard in pvp ever since. I am too scared to roll a mage or warlock because i fear i will never come back to my ele shaman.
A warlock. Didn't like it because I hate dots.
At that time (2007), I didn't know about "burst damage" classes, but I really didn't enjoy playing with a warlock and it's dots.

Then I made a druid. Kinda enjoyed it, but really wasn't my kind of gameplay.

So, when I started playing again last year (early 2011), I decided to create this mage.
My all favorite class ever.

To be honest, I've always played caster classes in every RPG game: Diablo 1, Diablo 2, Neverwinter Nights, Dungeon Siege (I know, I had to control 3 chars, but the casters were my favorite), WoW (warlock, first char) etc.

I'd still be playing with my warlock (since it's destruction talent tree is based on bursts and dots), but I think I like all this fire/frost/arcane thing too much. :D
My very first character was a draenei mage but she was on my brother's account back in May 2010. I leveled her to 9 before I told my brother to delete her for me since I was going to get my own account months later.

The mage was fun and I got to experience a little bit of the game since I didn't even know about it until my brother came over to my house and played on his computer.

I got my own account on September 2010 and tried out the warlock as my very first character on it but the class just didn't feel right to me. Then, I rerolled a night elf hunter during my trial account and never looked back. Shooting enemies from a distance while letting your pet deal damage up close was fun.

I enjoy experimenting with different classes so I am still trying to figure out my preferred play-style. So far, healing with my paladin has been fun and leveling this rogue is interesting too.
I used to love the orcs from the lord of the rings movies. and they were orc warriors...always wanted to be an orc warrior. even on skyrim my character is an orc "warrior"
Night Elf Druid.

Because, cats.
My first character was a rogue I leveled to 70 and then deleted as I came to dislike the rogue class. I don't knwo what it was that I hated about it but before deletion I promptly rolled a Druid and leveled to 70 to await Wrath. I still have the druid (Boomkin) as I didn't too much like feral or Resto. However now since the changes to Balance (being the Eclipse changes) I'm not liking the Boomkin anymore... If I had the option I would class change my druid. I wil not delete him as he has Wrath maxed JC and mining.
This was my first character.

I chose Mage because with this name, the ability to throw fireballs is not optional.
Warlock, but turns out my Shaman is way better dps.
My friend got me playing WoW at the end of '05. I was watching him play and he was leveling a hunter. I heard him say !@#$%^- shadow priests and then explain what dots were. Shadow priest just sounded cool and I wanted one.

I made a shadow priest and it was the coolest thing ever. In vanilla wow shadow priests and feral druids were the red-headed step children of blizzard and by level 40 I got sick of being told to make a warlock if I wanted to dps and that priests should heal.

I was new enough at the game so I listened and made this lock that has been my favorite toon for over 6 years.

Granted, I'm not terribly happy with the state of warlocks right now, but locks will always have a special place in my heart.
My first and current main is my Mage.

I came fresh from runescape and mage was the only thing I recognized. I meant I know hunter and warrior are 2 things sorta in runes ape, but I always hated em.
This toon.

I found it appealing to wield two weapons, hide in the shadows, and, greatest of all, be dead, and not dead at the same time. Rogues seemed uber cool, and my name was just me hitting random name generator and picking out the first 2 letters from different names, writing them down, and combining them.

De - Ca - Ez .

Sounds like an undead rogue to me.
I came to WoW after playing over five years of EQ. I had a Shaman in EQ and figured I'd do the same as that in WoW. I was so stuck on what a shaman was in EQ I couldn't figure out the shaman in WoW they were completely different, Shaman in EQ was Slows, Poisons, Diseases, rooting etc. I got my shaman to 30 and gave up, made my hunter and he was my first 60.

I eventually leveled seven toons to 60, a Rogue... just to pick locks (he was terribad till after Mid BC), Warrior (tanks were in Shortage!), mage (Gotta have water and the Dire Maul quest to get it was awesome!), Warlock, the Felsteed quest was awesome!, Priest (Healing Strat and Scholo was fun!). Then... I got them all to exalted in AV, because the mounts in AV were only 640g instead of the 1000g if you wanted to buy them from the regular vendor.

Yes, I was the Prot Tank in AV, Yes, I was that Rogue in AV that just sapped people trying to back cap (Knowning damned well that a 4 year old duel wielding wet paper sacks would pwn me).

I honestly didnt "get" my shaman till I was in Nagrand in BC, I had a guild shaman walk up to me and watch me kill things for a bit, you know in Enhancement Spec with 1.6 speed blue axes or daggers, and laughed at me and gave me a green 2.6 speed weapon and linked me the damage meters.
I’ve played a lot of characters over the years, but the first class I yearned to play when the world of Azeroth loomed just over the horizon was the druid. I’d loved them in Warcraft III, and the moment I saw one in World of Warcraft’s original cinematic, I was sold. I didn’t need to look at a single spell or ability to know that I wanted my first steps in this new, expansive world to be in the guise of one of those enigmatic characters.

Just reading this thread prompted me to look up the video and give it another watch. I’m just as captivated by it now as I was then.
A paladin, just because it sounded cool. It wasn't. Quit him at level 19 I believe. Have leveled 2 paladins since then, hate them both. So boring.

My druid is the first toon I got to cap and have stuck with him since. Sometimes I hate druids, sometimes I love them. He's grown a part of me.
My VERY first character was a druid, then I created my warrior and loved it!
Mine was a druid. But then I switched over to Hunter for the pet idea, then to Shaman because of my brother.
Then back to Druid once he went back to Alliance lol.
my first class was a shaman, and i tanked on it. it was a good time. than they took my tanking away and it was a sad day.
Pally. My brother said: "melee that heals"

Wanted to be able to solo level...this was back in vanilla btw...patch 1.4 or so.

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