Death Knight
agility imo has no affect on a dk, its the most useless stat besides intellect, is blizz ever going to fix this, and yes i know dks are born with agility....with no benefit at all!, why oh why can i still roll on agillity gear???? plz fix this blizz!
You know, agility being useless for DKs isn't much of an opinion.

Its the sort of thing you look up as a fact. This fact is supported by the other fact that there is no agility plate, which should've been a big hint that its not a stat that is ever meant to be useful to you at any point.
Why do you care if you can roll on it...? I don't understand what the big problem is. Hit greed or disenchant. End of story.
Good troll sir.
My troll meter is going off.
1 Agi = 0.4 Crit

It's not worthless, it's just close to it.
I know right? We need intellect, duh!
Oh yes, agility is 100% useless for death knights. The starter set we are given had absolutely NO agility whatsoever. Oh did.
I stack agil and im glad.
What? Intellect isn't useless. You're supposed to stack it for disease damage.
I stack agil and im 1500 hero.

Fixed for you.
Agility is our best stat wtf you talking about!
what, has noone ever lost agility trinkets to DK;s ...i know i have !!
rofl, more of a responce to that than i thought, but still its just useless gear to roll need on n be called a ninja by people that know better

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