Why can't we cleanse Cyclone?

Perhaps make is Mass Dispelable, and allow Bubble/Ice Block to work through it.
02/29/2012 10:21 AMPosted by Rapph
i vote you should be able to cyclone friendlies.

This is a neat idea
I spam it in arena and make the enemy team leave out of frustration.
Yes, resto needs less utility.
Cyclone is fine.
I personally think cyclone is fine, but I do want to add that it was secretly buffed at the beginning of this xpac or the end of the last one when they nerfed durations on sheep/fear/sap (and whatever else went from 10 seconds to 8).

One could claim that when sheep was 10 seconds, it was significantly better than cyclone as a CC, but that isn't so much the case when the difference is only 2 seconds. Also, in terms of total cc lockout, the difference is much less over the 3 times it can be cast on the same target before DR take over.

The same is also true for any stun or silence that wasn't effected by the aforementioned nerf. They all got a bit more powerful (in comparison) when they reduced the duration of sheep and fear.

Thanks for this and this is a very good point. I figured the other cc duration had been reduced.

I still think the banish mechanic can be extremely powerful while having no counters. The duration is much less of an argument now so at least that is moot.

I suppose it is fine... until druids become op again :)

It wasn't secrectly buffed. It was nerfed along with the rest down to 5 seconds from 6 on the PTR. Druid feedback really protested that because of how cyclone dr works, so the reset it.

On live the first clone lasts 6 seconds, the second is 3 seconds, and the 3rd is 1.5 seconds. Remember that when using an instant proc ferals suffer double gcd's, one for the cast itself and another for shifting back into form.

So when it was 5 seconds, the next was 2.5 seconds, and the next was just over 1 second duration. It means that we could only use it once every 24( isn't that right?) seconds until dr reset because the durations were simply too short for a feral to use it. It cc'd the feral better by global locking it than it did the actuall cc target.

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