Turalyon PvE Progression/Raiding Guilds - T13

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Current Progression Table (updated 20120904)

If your guild isn't tracked, check your wowprogress, guildox and wowtrack.org pages or bug me in game.

[X] = HM Kill
[ ] = NM Kill

# G % Mor War Yor Hag Ult WM Spi Mad
A Supermassive 8/8H X X X X X X X X
H Neolutum 8/8H X X X X X X X X
A Nevermore 8/8H X X X X X X X X
H Daybreak 8/8H X X X X X X X X
H Massacre 8/8H X X X X X X X X
A CN 3/8H X X X

# G % Mor War Yor Hag Ult WM Spi Mad
H Rakicide 8/8H X X X X X X X X
H Smitus&Co. 8/8H X X X X X X X X
H Vortex 8/8H X X X X X X X X
A Lucid Dream 8/8H X X X X X X X X
A CasualScrubs 8/8H X X X X X X X X
H Sympathy 8/8H X X X X X X X X
H Silent 8/8H X X X X X X X X
A FoE 8/8H X X X X X X X X
H Portal 8/8H X X X X X X X X
H OneShotorDC 8/8H X X X X X X X X
H Epic 8/8H X X X X X X X X
H Euphoric 8/8H X X X X X X X X
A Reborn 8/8H X X X X X X X X
H Execution 8/8H X X X X X X X X
A Inept 8/8H X X X X X X X X
H TPD 8/8H X X X X X X X X
A ItM 8/8H X X X X X X X X
H TFM 8/8H X X X X X X X X
H CRC 8/8H X X X X X X X X
H Care Bears 8/8H X X X X X X X X
A Cybertron 8/8H X X X X X X X X
H FLegion 8/8H X X X X X X X X
H Inception 8/8H X X X X X X X X
H SocAwk 8/8H X X X X X X X X
H Defile 7/8H X X X X X X X
A Beyond 7/8H X X X X X X X
H PoSalv 7/8H X X X X X X X
A Rampage 7/8H X X X X X X X
H Devotion 6/8H X X X X X X
A TheSomething 6/8H X X X X X X
H PDiv 6/8H X X X X X X
H SWC 6/8H X X X X X X
H Adept 6/8H X X X X X X
A ALC 6/8H X X X X X X
A Equinox 6/8H X X X X X X
A Stoic 6/8H X X X X X X
H MiW 6/8H X X X X X X
A RotS 6/8H X X X X X X
A TKD 6/8H X X X X X X
A Burial 6/8H X X X X X X
H BadInfluence 6/8H X X X X X X
A Linkshell 6/8H X X X X X X
H RottingCorpse 6/8H X X X X X X
H Raid & Shyt 6/8H X X X X X X
H Well Played 6/8H X X X X X X
H AOoB 5/8H X X X X X
A Monarchy 5/8H X X X X X
H Panda Punche 5/8H X X X X X
A Pandamonium 5/8H X X X X X
H RecNight 5/8H X X X X X
H TwiBrig 5/8H X X X X X
H Winter Myth 5/8H X X X X X
H Plight 4/8H X X X X
H Infractus 4/8H X X X X
A Aeon 4/8H X X X X
A Coven 4/8H X X X X
A AtL 4/8H X X X X
A Glory 4/8H X X X X
H PR 4/8H X X X X
H TDR 4/8H X X X X
H Unprovoked 4/8H X X X X
3/8H: Stasis, Team Pants, Insurgence, CJ, Sovereignty, Cosca, Risen,
Confinement, Kumpania, Linkshell, 1/8, DnD, CorTenebrae,, RecNight,
WoC, Zeal, TFH, KillSwitch
2/8H: WRtF, Relentless, Honor, UmbrellaCorp, Spire, IM, Velocity
1/8H: Seraphym, Firenze, ShadowBane, GG, Meridian, DominiusNihil, Fortitude,
DeniedSanity, Atrocity, DarkEnigma, EoD, NaturalFury, stoneaxe,
Renacti, TwistedSoul, Rampage, PI, LethalDose, Deity, TeamCarry
8/8 : DeathMatch, Fusion, Burnout, DemonLords, BYODJ, Firestorm, BoTL,
EoT, KotH, Loyalty, ScarCrus, Morto, Stormborn, PhanDrag, LMYC
If you need your website/raid times updated, reply here or PST in game.
Raid times where provided are server time and multiple raid groups are separated with semicolons.


Burial: burialturalyon.telefontelaviv.com/index.html

Casual Scrubs: casualscrubs.guildlaunch.com.
(M,T,Th: 2100-0000)

Coven: coven.guildlaunch.com

FoE: http://foeturalyon.enjin.com/
(M,T,Th: 2100-0000)

In the Mountains (ItM):
(F,Su: 2030-2230 ; Sa: 2045-0000)

(RotS) Riders on the Storm: ridersturalyon.wowstead.com
(T,Th: 1930-2230 ; Su,M: 1930-2230)

Stoic: stoicturalyon.guildlaunch.com

Winds of Change:
(F: 2100-0000)


Inept: inept-turalyon.com/joomla16/
(CN) Chaotic Neutral: www.cnguild.org/drupal
Nevermore: www.nevermore-turalyon.com
Supermassive: www.teamsupermassive.com
Unitÿ: unitysw.guildomatic.com



Adept: www.adeptguild.us
(CJ) Carpe Jugulum: carpejugulum.guildomatic.com
Despised: despised.dkpsystem.com

Devotion: devotion-horde.wowstead.com
(Th,Su,M: 2000-2300 ; T,W: 2000-2300)

Epic: www.epic-guild.net
(T,Th,Su: 2300-0200 ; F,Sa: 2030-2300 ; F,Sa,M: 2315-0230 ; F,Sa: 2300-0200)

Execution: executionturalyon.guildlaunch.com
Insurgence: insurgence.wowstead.com

Invictus Mortalis (IM): http://invictusmortalis.wowstead.com
(T,Th,M: 2130-0030 ; F,Sa: 2130-0130)

One Shot or DC: oneshotordc.enjin.com
(M,W,Th: 1945-2300)

Portal: portalguild.us
(T,Th,Su: 2030-2330)

Rakicide: www.rakicide.com
(Su,M,W: 2100-0000)

Risen: http://risen-turalyon.wowstead.com
(Su,Th 2000-0000)

Sympathy: apathy.rancidracing.com (now with more blood elfs!)
(T,W,Th 2000-2330; F,Sa,Su: 2000-2330)

Symphonia: www.symphonia-guild.org
(TFM) The Fighting Mongooses: tfm.guildlaunch.com

TPD: tpd.wowstead.com
(T,Th,M 2000-2300)

Vortex: www.vortex-guild.com

Daybreak: daybreakturalyon.guildomatic.com
(T,W,Th: 0000-0230, some Mondays)

(DR) Dragon Reign: dragonreignturalyon.guildlaunch.com
(T,W, Th: 2000-2300)

Massacre: massacre-turalyon.guildlaunch.com

Neolutum: neolutum.enjin.com
(W, Th: 1845-2300)
Apathy is 4/8H. Guess I don't ever update anything lol.
Again, just update WoWProgress and I'll just rerun program. I'm in the process of getting authentication to use the Blizz Community API and getting batch data from guild ox rather than requesting guilds one by one. Once that is done, I should be able to update daily, but right now I'll hit their website query limits if I attempt to do that.

There is also no trivial way to distinguish 10m and 25m (since WoWProgress doesn't export that data and Blizz doesn't track it) but I'm working on it. Also, you'll notice some of you're guild names got chopped - again 5000 char limit. If you'd prefer an abbreviation, just let me know and I'll write something that maps your name to the abbreviation too.
updated for the first 10% nerf kills
Can you please add our website to the list of web sites? casualscrubs.guildlaunch.com.

Done - if there are other please let me know
Carpe Jugulum (CJ) is 8/8
Again, you don't actually have to update this thread with you're progression - just keep guildox and wowprogress up to date (probably should anyway) and I'll just redo the table in the morning.

Also, with a little bit tighter column spacing I can fit every guild down to 5/8 so I've added that.
Updated - sticky please
03/04/2012 10:52 AMPosted by Fimbulvinter
Updated - sticky please

Yeah, I've reported but Blizz is like "NEWP"
03/04/2012 12:42 PMPosted by Anubis
Yeah, I've reported but Blizz is like "NEWP"

I made a report to unsticky the out-of-date thread. If others do the same, this thread might become a better candidate for stickying.

Nice work, Fim. *bump*
Ty Zad - grats on H. Madness.

Also, in case it isn't clear - there is no ranking implicit here whatsoever. Treat it as purely a progression list.

Guilds are sorted by progression first and alphabetically after. Rakicide's kill puts them at the same progression as SM, but R is before S so they're on the top of this list, despite SM's early kill. I can understand if Terra and crew are annoyed by that but I had to pick some sorting order.

I can change things to sort by ranking certainly, but you'd have to agree with some ranking scheme and it's pretty clear that the wowprogress one is dumb since it factors in meta-achievements and their weighting per boss doesn't actually reflect difficulty, but rather position in the instance.

One way to solve these issues is if Blizz could export the date of the H Madness achievement, and I'll look at doing that.

I'd also love some reliable way of sorting 10m and 25m separately since I understand some 10m fights are harder and some 25m fights are harder but without separate achievements for both sizes there isn't a great way of doing this yet and a bunch of 25m kills show up as 10m simply because they used only a few people to update their progression on wowprogress. I can understand why entering 12 names is annoying but if you get a chance guys and can fix that, I can at least use that to separate 10 and 25.
I'd definitely sort by ranking, and as most progression threads do you can just make it a simple numerical scheme. So, take DS progression - 8 bosses. The first guild to kill, say, 4 bosses is on top of the second guild to kill 4 bosses...regardless of which bosses are killed. And then, if Guild 2 kills 5 bosses, they leap over Guild 1.

If people have concerns about what encounter is more difficult than the other, they can still see which individual encounter you have checked off that the guild completed compared to the other one.
03/07/2012 12:41 PMPosted by Detriment

Heh and they added data export on March 4th. Awesomesauce - ty!
03/07/2012 10:54 AMPosted by Anubis
The first guild to kill, say, 4 bosses is on top of the second guild to kill 4 bosses...regardless of which bosses are killed. And then, if Guild 2 kills 5 bosses, they leap over Guild 1.

This is what I'd have liked to do ideally, but the trouble was the "first" part. Even if sites like WoWprogress have time stamps to determine who killed what when, they don't export that info in their data feed. This is dumb. There is no good reason for it.

Blizzard doesn't have guild achievements for every boss either, so if I need to get timestamps, then I've got to do what guildox and wowprogress do and get that information from the armory of members of that guild. This is also dumb. It is also query intensive and painful to code.

Ultimately I decided that sort by progression was good, but between guilds with the same progression, alphabetical was easiest. That is until Detriment pointed out using wowtrack's shiny new data export since those sane people actually have dates. They are not dumb. Yay.

I've got raid the next couple of nights but I can fix up my code on Friday to get dates.
I've used Detriment's suggestion of WoWTrack but there are still "features".

WoWTrack's progression data is a lot more comprehensive but a lot less accurate (there are several guilds getting credit for 8/8 that don't have the achieve) so I'm still using wowprogress and guildox for progression, but wowtrack to separate 10m and 25m and the sort order is now:

Progression > Date of Last Kill > Guild Name Alphabetically

So if guilds have killed the same number of bosses, the one that killed it earlier (according to wowtrack) goes higher. Now, given that it's easy to find lots of examples where the wowtrack progression is wrong, I've got to wonder if the dates are suspect too.

If you feel that you're guild killed some boss earlier than some other guild that is higher than you at the same progression, update your wowtrack data and the table will automagically change when I update it next.

I believe wowtrack updates character data and then updates guild data based on character data. if you moved guilds and killed bosses, you're old guild might have gotten kill credit for your new kills, if wowtrack didn't update the roster info. Similarly, if a guild recruited a bunch of players who killed a boss earlier, then that guild might get earlier credit for a kill than they actually achieved. Ultimately the only way to fix either issue is for Blizz to export guild achievements by boss and the dates on which they were completed.

What I've learnt from this is whatever is behind the facade of any guild ranking website is a giant hacked together mess.

Also, very occasionally guildox will simply timeout after 30s and not return your data, despite me trying 5 times in a row. There is nothing I can do about that but try again tomorrow, as usually even trying to go to the page in a browser causes a 404.

Eventually I'll put up the source for the code someplace, but I'm not quite done with it - my intention is to use it to track how 25m guilds have survived through Cata on different servers mostly out of curiosity.

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