Turalyon PvE Progression/Raiding Guilds - T13

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When is the main crew's raid times if the weekend crew is Fri/Sat?

Edit: nvm - saw your other post :P
Massacre is 5/8 25 HM now, Lootship is up next
Defile's G1 now 7/8H, and their G2 is 4/8H.
Where is Euphoric Madness on the 10m list? They are 4/8 heroic, and likely 5/8 by Monday. What other guilds are missing?
Parsing error with Euphoric Madness' guildox data caused them to be dropped last update, but they are usually on there shortened to "Euphoric". This is typically when one of the websites responds with incomplete data - in their case it was wowprogress. I've changed things so parsing errors are treated like missing data, and it just restores the last known progression.

As for what other guilds are missing:

The other guilds that consistently have parse errors or webpages not found are "Sombre Héritage", "Malice in Wonderland", "THE OUTLAWS", "Psycho Bunnies". They've quite literally always failed to load from any webpage, so there isn't even any saved data i have to restore. I'm pretty sure these guilds are defunct.

Guild that I know to have stopped raiding and disbanded are also excluded - Seraphym, Aeon, Vires, Superum Frog Astronauts.

New guilds take a few days to actually show up, after they've killed something - that happened with Smitus and Friends. There is some guild name Firestorm that looks to be in a similar situation.

Guilds below 6/8N also drop off because of the 5000 char limit on posts. In those cases, if their progression is better than 6/8N, they need to actually update their wowprogress or GuildOx pages. That cutoff only goes up as well as guilds progress through the expansion as more guilds progress and move up the rankings. I've been tempted to just include a string with their names at the bottom of the list, but that's still variable length and a PITA to implement right.

That said, I've seldom seen those guilds advertise here or in trade - many of those are likely defunct as well, others are social or friends and family guilds. Personally, I think the progression table is really an excuse to have a list of website and raid times (the 2nd post), so I'm perfectly happy to stick everything else there.

No other guilds are knowingly missing - i.e. if your guild is missing and not in that bunch, then something else is up and if you let me know, I'll fix it, if at all possible.
Bump - updated. Still need raid times for several guilds.
Nevermore killed heroic Spine on 25 man. 7/8H.
Carpe Jugulum finally started H modes....killed H Morchok last night on 10s
04/03/2012 09:04 PMPosted by Gladewalker
Nevermore killed heroic Spine on 25 man. 7/8H.

04/04/2012 03:48 AMPosted by Tackkjr
Carpe Jugulum finally started H modes....killed H Morchok last night on 10s

Both you guys need to update guildox - Nevermore had wowprogress updated at least.

It's way easier than editing the table manually, because I do actually save the progression at each update, so if for some reason a web request times out, I can restore your last known progression - editing the table manually would break this.

Plus keeping both ranking website up to date, is just a better advert for your own guild anyway :D

Added an abbreviated progression list to include guilds below 7/8N - doesn't include specifics as to what boss killed and what faction, but should still be sorted by date between guilds with the same progression.
Nevermore killed Madness on heroic tonight. 8/8H such a joke compared to spine.
Exactly our thoughts. Congratulations bros :)
Huge congrats to Nevermore. Keep up the good work, pals.

Of course same to our horde friends Rakicide, Celestial, Smitus and Friends, Vortext and Neolutum. Good work, Team Turalyon.
Grats to Nevermore beat us to the kill. But we did manage to get our Heroic Madness (10)man tonight. Casual Scrubs finishes 8th.
updated - still could use more webpages/raid times for your guild
Why is this not a sticky? Thanks for putting this together Fim.
Thanks for taking over the thread since Bake is leaving us in MoP.

Also we are 7/8 now madness coming soon, I believe our wowprogress updates just fine, and we raid Tues-Thurs Midnight-2:30 server, some Mondays
Grats on the kill - sorry to hear that Bake won't be around.
Nice to see my small little guild on the list. Our progress is correct for now :)

Riders on the Storm website: http://ridersturalyon.wowstead.com/

Raid times:
Group 1 Tue/Thur 7:30-10:30pm (1/8H)
Group 2 Sun/Mon 7:30-10:30pm (8/8N until tomorrow at least)

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