Turalyon PvE Progression/Raiding Guilds - T13

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Updated - looks like [A] <Reborn> downed it as well - grats to both of your raid teams.

Yes I've not been updating much, mostly because there hasn't been anything to update - most of the "progression" is new 10m guilds getting a few boss kills on normal or Morchok HM.

Some of it is real - Risen and Glory are still fighting the good fight and Stormborn got their 8/8, and grats to those guys for persevering but for the most part the list of guilds at or below 2/8H hasn't changed at all in > 3 months and I'm not sure these guilds actually exist practically (some look like bank guilds now) let alone raid.
Hey Fimster, Coven killed Heroic Yor on Saturday update when you can! We are now 3/8.
Done - had to compress 3/8H and under unfortunately for 5k char limit. Grats to Epic and Execution on their Madness HM kills tonight. They haven't fully updated webpages so I'm not sure about order and that might change.
7/8 heroic - 10m - the fighting mongooses
updated - grats to Inept on their H. Madness kill.
The Fighting Mongooses downed madness

Yeay for 8/8h
The Fighting Mongooses downed madness

Yeay for 8/8h

Congratz for your kill!
team Carry is 6/8N Ds- wowprogress is bugged.Thanks
08/06/2012 11:42 PMPosted by Sichern
team Carry is 6/8N Ds- wowprogress is bugged.Thanks

Usually this won't matter - if there is a discrepancy between wowprogress and guildox, it'll pick the one that was updated most recently. In Team Carry's case, there is no guildox data at all - none of your kills were tracked. I've manually started a guildox update for you guys but it might take a bit for that to happen.
Symphonia has change there guild name to Silent.
Hey, dear! Creed has changed their name to Zeal, and we're now 3/8H!
ive changed my guild name to <Sizzle> the zeal is silent....


Same story Cadia/Ahero - need to add guild to guildox.com AND wowprogress.com to get onto the table because both are used to get progression data. In principle only one needs to be up-to-date - we only get both so that if there is a difference, the more recently updated data can be used, but both sites need to have an entry for the guild.

Symphonia's name change was more recent than Creed's so the sites haven't updated it at all as Silent.
Team Carry downed Spine and madness normal so were now 8/8N

Yeah - what I like about the old thread, particularly when looking for a new guild was all the webpages in one place and a quick way to scan the current progression of the guilds I was interested in.

I'd actually like to add raid times to the post too, if guilds have fixed raid times (and most do presumably) - that'll help people searching for a new guild filter through them even better. If you guys post here with that info, I'll add it.

[H]<Invictus Mortalis> Currently running two raid teams.

Weekday Team
Tuesday 9:30-12:30am
Thursday 9:30-12:30am
Monday 9:30-12:30am

Weekend Team
Friday 9:30-1:30am
Saturday 9:30-1:30am

Guild website http://invictusmortalis.wowstead.com
TPD's moving from G1 10-12 W/M to A-team T/Th/M 8-11 for MoP. Also we're over at TPD.wowstead.com in a fairly quiet capacity.
I've updated times - come MoP I'll copy everything for times/websites to a new thread but for now, if any of you are changing times/websites here is a good place to post. Thanks!
Also updated the table - I dropped every guild < 8/8N. That list hasn't changed in months nor have I heard anything from anyone in there and the guild activity feed for several are empty. Simply going to assume they are dead unless someone from them lets me know otherwise and feels strongly about it.

With that change all the guilds on this table are guaranteed to be at least 8/8N so I simply removed the symbol for normal mode kills.

Otherwise the usual yada, yada - if you aren't on here, check that you have pages at wowtrack, wowprogress, and guildox and if you do are still aren't on here, let me know - in all likelihood guildox/wowtrack timed out and never gave me any data for your guild and you'll be back after an update. The only guild I know with an actual problem with their website data is Nemesis, but conveniently they are < 8/8N and have been for months so they'd not be on here anyways.

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