Vehement 4/6 LF 1 Ranged DPS; 10 man

Raid times: Tues,Wed,Thur 8:00-11:00 server (9-12 EST)

Current Progress: 4/6 (Finishing this week on Monday)

Current recruitment
• Ranged DPS: Prefer Mage/Hunter; Consider Spriest,Boomk,ELeSham
Our requirements:
• Know your class- this may include studying each fight and knowing what glyphs to use, specs, if reforging is necessary, cooldown usage, etc. Do your own research on your own class.
• Be competitive but not elitist. Compete for DPS/HPS, look at WOL logs, find out how you can improve personally and to help the guild. If you are way behind others of your class/ilvl and aren’t making improvements you will be replaced.
• Be a mature player. This means showing up on time for every raid. Have a positive attitude!! We are a HM guild, we will bang our heads on the wall, I don’t need huffs and puffs like someone stole your Twinkie.
• Accept criticism. This goes along with being a mature player, but if a healer offers a DPS a suggestion- listen to him and discuss/have a mature conversation. Many of us play multiple toons and have been raiding a long time!!! Make your point and move on.
•Working Microphone (We use MUMBLE). I thought this was a given but I've had a lot of people without mics want to join. I don't like trying to figure out what the hell you are typing. Have a mic.

We're a bunch of clowns but when it comes to raiding we want to kill bosses and progress. Being late, unprepared, and having a bad attitude about raiding in general will get you replaced quickly. Player skill>ilvl all day. Gear comes quick. We want commitment and dedicated players to join our team!!

If you’re still reading and are interested feel free to respond to this or msg me/one of our officers in game.

Nastronica- US Mal'ganis
we needz a healz
Up to top for Spine & DW kills this week. Need a BEAST RANGED DPS!!
8/8HM completed.. need to replace a healer- on DW tonight who wants the kill? Healers gogogo
Bump for more- need to one night this.. legit peeps welcome
407 Boomkin. Would love to join.
Vaku- first off I hate you for having Heroic COC. Lol.. secondly just hit up anyone in the guild and if an officer/RL is on we'll get you a /ginvite. We start at 8:00 server.. so be on a few before please.
And please have mumble
Alrighty. I work til 7:30 Home by 7:45 and will be on then. But will be on once servers are up while working to speak with someone from your guild. And yes i have mumble.

Also i love my H COC haha :) but as a boomkin i switch it out with heroic insignia for some of the fights.
Are you still looking for a Blood DK as well? ilevel 400 but only 5/8 HM since I've just been running my own pugs this patch as well, did most of my raiding on my Resto Druid which is 6/8 HM, stuck from carrying people..
I do have mumble and all of that as well
Savior- log out in your PVE gear if you don't mind.

We are looking for a DK Tank 100%. Our current one gave notice today- summer bug. As I would love to see 8/8HM experience, if you are a quick learner/willing to study the fights as much as you can before raid I will consider giving you a whirl. Spine is a bit of a learning curve as you would be tanking the Amalg's.. so go watch as many videos as you can on how to properly roll the bloods/amalgs off !! Deathwing is a joke.

yeah of course, I don't think looking at my resilience gear is very representative of my tank set lol, I'll log on later today and maybe I'll be able to contact you then and we can talk, would love to join you guys & your raid times are just fine, re-watched fights as well
If you're looking for a blood DK, I've tanked first 6 Heroic, I've tanked amalg on H-spine when we were first trying to kill it.

Anyways just keep me posted.
If you need a hunter im intrested. 405 ilvl Surv/Bm hunter 6/8hm know and had attempts on HSpine up till 2nd half back on 15% nerf. Let me know in game or here.
I'm a 398 IL hunter who is 5/8 heroic but I think that guy looks more likely to get picked if you guys want a hunter. I can raid any time of any week, and I show up 99.99% of the time.
Being a bunch of clowns is very intriguing to a woman such as myself ;)

While I don't have the documented experience of 8/8H (I only have 1/8 technically; my current guild never wants to let me raid because I'm a boomkin. No love for chikinz :<), I can easily research fights, take notes and all that good stuff. I'm looking for an easy-going guild that will be helpful and progressive and not "OH EM GEE HARDCORE."

I raid lead and carried a previous guild to 12/12 normal back near the beginning of the expansion, so I know what it takes. I sometimes tend to have a bit of computer lag (not internet lag), but I learn fights fast from experiencing it and am very competent, mature, know my class well, and am always online and on time unless previously stated otherwise and will help anyone with anything that I can manage.

Honestly, I'd really just like a chance to have fun and do more than achievement-!@#$% all day and night. I'd like to be with people who can accept me, give me a chance, help in anyway and just love my chicken. I'm new to Mal'Ganis; I left Akama to have better chances at this, so giving me a shot would be great. Message me in game if you're interested in having me! ^_^
I've been bouncing around relms and guilds looking for one which fits my needs; Raids between 1 and 3 nights a week 9 till 12 EST, HM progression but also the ability to have fun and savour the kill without the gogogogogo mentality. On a server with some life, some pug runs, BH runs, active tradechat, active AH etc.

I'd like to find a strong team to stick with continue with DS and start into MoP strong. I'd also like to find a guild that runs alt runs / ach runs / transmog runs etc, but this is not top priority. I've got
- this resto shammy who is 5/8 HM
- frost/blood DK at 8/8 reg ilev 395 (DPS and OT for my current guild)
- disco/shadow priest 8/8 reg ilev 392 (mostly disc)
- surv hunter at 382, just running thruough LFR but wanting to get into DS reg
- destro lock, resto druid, arms/prot warrior all at 85, who are "off" toons, that i fiddle with but dont concentrate on currently.

About me: I'm a mid 30's dude, and a serious player. I like to down the content but have fun doing it. I strive to improve and be at the top of my game but avoid "elitism".
I dont mind progression runs and nights of wipes when needed.
Weekday raids I'm about 95% attendance, if not 100% I'm very loyal and dedicated to my guild, once I find one that is a fit for me :) I was in my last guild for over a year, an officer and part time raid leader. Only reason I'm looking around is the realm is DEAD horde side (Cenarius) so there is no recruitment, and no progression. and No pugs, whether LFM or LFG.

I tried A52 which has great life and trade, but there are no guilds there who run starting at 9 EST.
I'm on a good team in icecrown, but again it is a very slow relm, with nothing going on in tradechat (LFG chat)

I'd be willing to transfer all of my active toons to the right relm. Is this the realm / guild for me?
I'm a 400 IL hunter, who can raid any time of any day. I'm 6/8 heroic and the past 5 weeks my guild has been failing on heroic spine attempts. I've got good raid awareness and it's about damn time for me to down heroic spine/madness
I'm not sure if you guys are still recruiting at all, but your raid times are perfect for me o-^ My guild has kinda faded in the last few weeks due to the summer buff on the attendance boss, but I'm always interested in raiding. I have 8/8H, play SV, and have a 405 ilvl. I'm not sure if anything else is relevant, but feel free to throw me a message in game if you can use me.

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