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for me it was Precisely Calibrated Boomstick. Gave it to a friend who played a hunter. he didn't replace that thing until he reached outland
This character used a Shadowblade from level 52 to 60. Pretty sure it dropped in a BRD run, and back then, people let you win the item, and you would use it.

I sort of miss leveling epics, but leveling now (in expansions) is too fast for them to matter.
I've been playing since vinilla and never got an epic world drop until Cata I've gotten 4 so far this expac and 2 of them were useful to my tanking set when they dropped.

The shoulders of Edward the Odd and the tanking chest.
Underworld Band I actually mined this from a mithril node!
Staff of Jordan

From the cave with spiders north of Brackenwall Village in Dustwallow Marsh. There was a rare spider in there that was almost always up when we raided Onyxia so I would take a detour there before the raid every week and one of those days the staff dropped.
that would be the Eye of Flame Still have it in the bank.
i cant recall what the name was, but it was one of the 359s, and it dropped off pirates in TB, of course i was in a group and somebody else won the roll tho. i cant recall if any dropped before then tho...
Like many of you, my first world epic drop was Destiny, but I did not find it until mid-Burning Crusade. I think I gave it to the guild bank.
Glowing Brightwood Staff... while I was farming mats to make Hide of the Wild :-)
Hmmm...I think it was my druid's Deadman's Hand, if that counts.
Robes of Insight

On my druid in The Hinterlands in....2004-ish?

I was Balance and equipped it. My Male Nelf looked damn fine.
Skullflame Shield

Dropped in Feralas in Vanilla. Paid for my level 60 riding skill and dreadsteed mats.
WORLD drop? I didnt get one til about mid BC despite playing and raiding in Vanilla.

It was The Hammer of Destiny that I gave to my pally. That up until I started playing on a new realm a few months ago was my main since start of WOTLK. I got it while killing the red demon ladies wearing thongs on Isle of Quel'Danas doing dailys.
I was lvl 60 in a 10 man undead strat and Brain Hacker dropped .. i rolled an 85 and was super excited and won

had tons of shamans msging me asking to buy it .. sold it for 600g which was a ton back then.
My very first world drop was a Krol Blade, I'm pretty sure off the Satyrs in Azshara because I ground those from like 52-58 back in Vanilla.

I then got a Skullflame Shield on a run in Strat.

I was then VERY fortunate to obtain a Teebu's.

These were probably the 3 luckiest times I've had while playing.
Oh yeah, this wasnt in the world but in my first ZG with my guild I got Helm of Narv on my hunter. They let me have since they knew I was 7 yrs old :3

Ya know, I feel bad now. I used to get a bunch of pity epics!

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