Why are Mages still allowed to be OP

Seriously a Hunter crying about Mages?? no doubt has never used Tranq shot, probably doesn't have it on their bar.
As a new and unskilled player I've found that any class can "seem" Over Powered but you need to keep in mind in Randoms it could be anyone out there and who knows what their skill level is.

It just comes down to skill and really knowing your tool belt
the reason alot of people fall for it is cause they don't play the classes, so they are weaker to them, Gouge makes a specific sound whereas Cheap/Kidney Shot make a sound of maybe a marble falling on a wood floor, gouge is a unique sound, there is no other ability sound that sounds like it, much like a Druids Tranquility, i have played almost any class so i know their tactics, i know the abilities, alot of people think they can beat classes theyve never played as before, the key to being good in a BG is too know the other classes as well as you know youre own, learn the abilities, learn the sound they make if its a stun or something
As a new and unskilled player I've found that any class can "seem" Over Powered but you need to keep in mind in Randoms it could be anyone out there and who knows what their skill level is.

It just comes down to skill and really knowing your tool belt


I just started focusing on PvP and every class I encounter, even my own, seems OP compared to me. Being new to PvP really makes everyone elses grass look greener, but that slowly goes away the better you get.

Classes may not be "balanced", but the better skilled player will always come out on top, no matter what class they are playing (to a point)
Ok, yes Mages are OP, but not by much. Mages dont require TOO much skill, but you need to have some sense to do well with them. I believe they have too many of everything. If they just too away or nerfed any of their DPS, CC, or anything they commonly use it seems to me that they would be perfectly balanced. If I can get on them (being im prot, thats not a common xD) they melt.

Then way I see it for BG's (this is assuming the players have skill):
best 1. Hunters (I also have a hunter and if played properly it seems to go MM>BM>SV)
2. Rogues
3. Ret. pally
4. Frost Mage
5. Warrior (if you feed the warrior correctly, have gear, and have skill Warrior is a great class!!! ... P.S. Fury>Prot>Arms)
mages are op, but this has got to the worst argument ive ever read supporting that claim.
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lol Nerf Mages? Blink 3min cooldown I wouldn't like that because I have a low lvl mage without a mount and blink is the best thing ever... I get killed by hunters the most playing the mage so I don't know why you hate Mages.
Because somewhere there's a developer stuck in deep freeze. and another in a frost nova, 4 stuck in ring of frost, another in poly and on and on and on.... lol
Bads will continue to whine about mages until they make one and face reality.
Why was this thread brought back after 6 months?
Lmfao hunter complaining about mages being OP...

Protip: you counter mages.
Rogues are by far the most represented class above 2200, so you would have a stronger case calling them OP. Mages are no slouches, but not even in the top 5.
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Dont worry, this guy is god's gift to the warrior class
02/18/2012 02:43 PMPosted by Rainor
my gripe is that mages have blink and blink changes the balance of power

Yes, now they can blink away, be charged down, and hit with throwdown.. or shadowstepped and hit with kidney shot, or hit with wolves.. at which point they'll be stunned with no blink!

The problem is the CC arms race, not that mages have an escape from some of them on a short cd.

In vanilla and bc there were very few sources of CC. Now there's cc everywhere, either spammable or on sub-1-minute cd's. much of it is instant or made instant on cd.

"skill" in pvp has gone from kiting, baiting interrupts, and minimizing the uptime of your opponent to "LOL, Coordinate the cc so it chains, that way the person will go 100 to 0 without ever fighting back"

Heck, CC became so prolific they nerfed healing debuffs because healers had that little time to cast when against a coordinated team. That should have been a red flag to nerf cc by removing about half of them from the game instead.
First of all, Mages wear cloth armor. I'd like to see how well you'd fare taking a battleaxe to the chest while wearing just a bathrobe and carrying a stick you can't parry with. Because mages are so prone to melee, they NEED that blink in order to stay away from melee classes.
Its all a matter of who is the smarter person in the fight. If you see the mage waste their blink, that is the perfect time to stun them. The winner of a battle is more often about who is smarter, not who is stronger.

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