Running a GDKP 25-man DS on Monday 7pm

As stated, Running a GDKP DS25m on Monday at 7pm to push as far in it as i can.
GDKP Rules:
Each item will be auctioned off in /raid chat and the gold will be traded after the bidding just before the item gets handed over.
All the gold will be recorded into a "pot" and will be splint evenly at the end of the night to the 25 people in the raid.
If you leave raid before it's finished you miss out on your share.
There is no MS>OS, it goes to whoever wants to pay the most.
BoE's and plans are auctioned off as well, and so are shards on gear people don't want.

The only thing reserved are the Elementium gem clusters.

If the raid can't go ahead monday but people are still interested i'll do it around 6pm on tuesday night and try and get it full cleared before shutdown.

I'll be posting in trade chat to get people interested. I expect people who are keen to have the knowledge to be able to do the bosses because we will look at trying to go 7/8 or even 8/8 normal. If there is a continuous wipe on a boss due to stupidity the raid will be called and the pot split evenly to the raid that it has gathered.

Pst me on here if your interested and i'll add you to the list, or whisper me in game.
No guaranteed spots, the raid has to be evenly done and balanced for the furthest clear.
If it goes well then i'll get a group happening every week based on the best time for everybody.

Issue with this is most people who have alts already already organise runs in trade/ in the guilds they are in. Tbh you'd have better luck just doing 10m for a few weeks to get your clusters.
Also another person tried this last tier didnt go well but gl anyways!

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