(Horde) Weekly 25m FL Run

Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios
Possibly doing some heroic's if we get enough people with experience. Putting this together for fun and for people to finish getting there legendary. Right now cinder's are only thing on reserve.

Sundays - 7:30 Central Standard Time (CST) - Till we finish
(Possibly thinking of doing it on Saturday instead of Sunday)

Must be atleast 7/7 Normal
380+ ilvl
Must be a viable raider
You can stay for the full duration of the raid


Legendary Items:
Eternal Embers - Open
Seething Cinders - Reserved
Smouldering Essences - Open

How do I join?
Post here with the following format and I will talk to you:

Character Name & Server:
Class / Spec:
Specific Wants (I.E, Ember's / Cinder's):

Current Raid Roster:
Need everything right now. Will update this as the process continues.
Character Name & Server: Aiyaná - Shattered Halls
Class / Spec: Holy paladinz
Experience: Done everything in firelands except for rag, but I know how the fight goes. On heroic of course.
Specific Wants (I.E, Ember's / Cinder's): Heroic jaws
RealID: You post yours :P

Ooops. OK
Character name and server: Clotha - Khaz Modan
Class / Spec: Shadow Priest
Experience: Have done all the fights except Rag, but do know the fights.
Specific Wants: Eternal Embers and later Legendary staff items. I'd like to get the legendary before MOP comes out.
RealID: Ummm...not in a public forum.
How many people are going to copy my format? >>


Character Name & Server: Ketaru on Icecrown
Class / Spec: Fire Mage
Experience: 6/7H
Specific Wants (I.E, Ember's / Cinder's): Cinders (I see they are listed as reserved, but if that ever changes, I'll be in)
RealID: not in a pub forum

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