rest druid looking for guild pvp and pve

I'm looking for a guild that does rbgs successfully or does heroic 25 man raid content. I would want a 25 man guild that uses some sort of loot system like dkp,epgp, or even an attendance based form of loot council. Been playing this toon for 5 years or so and am kinda sick with how the game has been dumbed down. Thought about quitting altogether, but i'd really just like to do more challenging content. I kinda miss the old days when you actually worked hard for progression. <lucid nightmare> Please, do not apply.

*There are certain things that bother me in game. I hate it when people do not gem and enchant their gear. I also hate it when a group fails multiple times at mechanics and it's the same people every time and they don't get kicked from the raid group. They mechanics nowadays are pretty much retard proof. Why fail? For example fading light on ultraxion. It makes me want to nerd rage. When an addon actually speaks into your ear when it's time to press a button, how the hell do you fail at it? Another thing, I hate it when people don't grind out their bis pre raid gear. You can buy all the jp gear in a day of running heroics or bgs.
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