[A]<Reforged> is recruiting a tank for DS

Reforged is a casual guild currently 7/8 in Dragon Soul looking for a non-paladin tank. We'd be higher, but we lost some regulars to Star Wars over Christmas and have spent January rebuilding and 9-manning most of the bosses on nights we can't fill-in. We're looking for someone with the following:

1) Able to raid Tue/Thu from 7pm to 10pm Pacific (server).
2) Have a great attitude. The ability to remain upbeat and cheerful even when wiping for the 10th time in a row on Madness.
3) Have a fun demeanor. We can be crass, vulgar, we kid around and kid each other, so thin skins will not survive long in Reforged.
4) Be understanding that it's still just a game. We're a bunch of adults here, all working, most of us with kids, so gaming comes second to real-life for us.
5) Have raid experience. Casual we might be, friendly we might be, but we're not pushovers or doormats. When we're raiding, we raid seriously. We're all at 393 or better in gear, and despite being casual we're about 3 weeks from finishing Dragonwrath (and that's after several weeks off for the holidays last year).

We're not looking for someone who's just in it for gear or achievements. We're looking for someone who is skilled and jovial and is looking for a new home.

Reforged is a casual raiding guild that's been around since Burning Crusade, with the same core group of people that entire time. We're level 25, flush with cash and materials, we're often generous and helpful to a fault, gearing up friends, family, alts, etc. for those who prove dedicated to their guildmates.

We're used to killing every raid boss in the game, and usually we'd be working on Hard Modes right now, but we're stalling. If you're a tank and Reforged sounds right to you, then you can help us get back on track.

If interested, see Alihaedra or Whisperel in-game.

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