[A] X - Realm 7/7H Firelands 3/2

Hey Everyone!

Im back, after my first successful cross server pug, killing Heroic Ragnaros last week (also got Sinestra yesterday, +5 PTS?), I'm back to do it again.


- Have at least 6/7 Heroic XP
- 390 + IL
- Must be a viable raider
- You can stay for the full duration of the raid
- Have XP on Heroic Rag


Friday (March 3rd): 7PM Central - Whenever
Saturday (March 4th): Optional depending if Rag is Dead or not. If he's NOT, we will go in same times.

Loot will be Mainspec > Mog / Offspec (Yes this means Transmogging and Offspec loots hold same priority, you are there for your mainspec, Offspec is irrelevant to me.)

Tokens, must have the item already in bags / equipped (besides helm / shoulder obv.)

Honestly, if you are that worried about loot, (not of rag), really shouldn't be coming for much anyway.
Legendary Items / Mount's:

Eternal Embers - Open
Seething Cinders - Open
Smouldering Essences - Open


Flametalon of Alysrazor : Open roll between raid.
Smouldering Egg of Millagrazor : Reserved. However, the next time I do this, it will be open, and every time you come, you get a + 10 Roll on the Mount.

Policy on Joining:

If you are not meeting the DPS / Healing Requirements, I WILL replace you.

If you are constantly wiping us, I WILL replace you.

Current Raid Roster:

Tanks -
[1] - Tentative - Slicks / Cenarius
[2] - Tentative - Ishbane / Rexxar
Heals -
[1] - Filled - Farther / Draenor
[2] - Filled - Iyou / Cenarius
[1] - Filled - Lillèth / Rexxar
[2] - Filled - Mana / Suramar
[3] - Pewpewblast / Suramar
[4] - Sasofrass / Suramar
[5] - Kaptnice / Kael'thalas
[6] - Open

How do I join?

Post here with the following format and I will talk to you :

Character Name & Server:

Class / Spec:


Specific Wants (I.E, Ember's / Cinder's):

My Real ID:



Character Name & Server: Lillèth, Rexxar

Class / Spec: Priest / Shadow

Experience: 7/7H, 15% P4 Rag on Paladin.

Specific Wants (I.E, Ember's / Cinder's): [Blank]

My Real ID: Mikedanley@yahoo.com

If you would also be as kind to sign up on Openraid website, heres a direct link to this raid, sign up.


On openraid, everytime you group with someone, and ONE person upvotes you, you get a + 1 rating. My current raiding for Openraid is Friendly (9%), with 24 Upvotes.

Thanks in advance!

- Mike
Character Name & Server: Eth, Jaedenar

Class / Spec: Death Knight, Frost

Experience: 6/7H, Plenty of attempts on H Rag.

Specific Wants (I.E, Ember's / Cinder's): Really, I just want the H Rag kill but I'll tag along for all other fights.

My Real ID: kuhaii@yahoo.com
02/20/2012 08:32 PMPosted by Baba
Apologies if I'm missing something, but does 3/2 in the title indicate that you're doing it the weekend of March 3rd instead of this approaching weekend?

Friday (March 3rd): 7PM Central - Whenever
Saturday (March 4th


Character Name & Server: Redmileroad, Sargeras

Class / Spec: Hunter/BM/surv

Experience: 7/7H 5/8H ds 11/13H Bot/Bwd/ToT

Specific Wants (I.E, Ember's / Cinder's): [Blank] The kill.

My Real ID: Cjschiller0@gmail.com

Character Name & Server: Thieve - Norgannon

Class / Spec: Rogue / Combat & Sub

Experience: 7/7 HM firelands experience

Specific Wants (I.E, Ember's / Cinder's): The kills

My Real ID: Jboverhols21@gmail.com

These are my characters with my firelands achieves:


Wanting to get it done on my rogue. Let me know, please.
Character Name & Server: Maxtherusiàn Shu'Halo

Class / Spec: warrior- Arms

Experience: 1/8H DS, 4/7H FL, have attempted almost all heroic FL fights, but never got it done

Specific Wants (I.E, Ember's / Cinder's): Achieve

My Real ID: max_russian@yahoo.com
Character Name & Server: Solistar & Deathwing

Class / Spec: 395 Ret.

Experience: 6/7 H P4 Rag & 4/8 H DS

Specific Wants (I.E, Ember's / Cinder's): Heroic Mace & Kill would be nice.

My Real ID: JCDaya@Live.com
Character Name & Server: Iyou - Cenarius

Class / Spec: Paladin / Holy

Experience: 6/7h p4 rag, 4/8h ds

Specific Wants (I.E, Ember's / Cinder's): Title

My Real ID: armstrj5@my.erau.edu
Character Name & Server: Nahjaera - Terenas

Class / Spec: Fire / Arcane

Experience: 6/7hm , can fly on alys, h.rag p4.

Specific Wants (I.E, Ember's / Cinder's): Smoldering Essence

My Real ID: Lance_B78@hotmail.com
Wham - Barthilas.

Combat Rogue - Cool guy also.

6/7 HM experience, Limited H rag xp, but im a pretty smart guy ;>

Only care about my 10points - possible flametalon is tasty.

Oops forgot Real ID - whamu101@hotmail.com

Heroic rag pre-nurf 32% p4 25 man, just curious are you guys looking to run this 10 weeks in a row with the same people to get everybody the mount?
Fury Warrior DPS ilvl 397 Rag to 19% pre-nerf. Had a few attempts over last weeks and got him to 7%.

Experienced Warrior looking for clean, quick kill which rums with same people for 10 weeks so we all get mount.

Get back to me asap.

Real ID: cubesmith123@gmail.com

Regards, Dreamed.
Character Name & Server: Farther, Draenor

Class / Spec: Druid / Restoration

Experience: 6/7H, guild moved to PTR instead of getting too serious about Rag.

Specific Wants (I.E, Ember's / Cinder's): achievement, a chance at the mount if you're gonna continue running these

My Real ID: Should be available to you via Openraid
Character Name & Server: Kandiz, Dentarg

Class / Spec: Disc/Shadow Priest

Experience: 2/8h DS 4/7h FL with videos watched for the rest of the instance.

Specific Wants (I.E, Ember's / Cinder's): embers but don't matter.

My Real ID: da5nake01@yahoo.com

If you need a DPS i'll run on my Lock to complete the meta, but just let me know what is needed :)
Character Name & Server: Escapelol @ Stormreaver

Class / Spec: Rogue / Combat

Experience: 6/7h FL with a few Rag pulls...have raid lead all through Cataclysm, current progression 4/8h

Specific Wants (I.E, Ember's / Cinder's): rag dead

My Real ID: andrew.howe@uky.edu
Character Name & Server: Captnice, Kael'thas

Class / Spec: Mage / Fire

Experience: 6/7H, 20% P4 Rag(many,many,many times). All when it was current tier. 3/8H current progression

Specific Wants (I.E, Ember's / Cinder's): Achievements

My Real ID:
If you didnt sign up on openraid, do so. I accepted a couple peeps already. If I havent said anything to you yet, keep postin' Ill get to ya. 2 Weeks away, want as many legendaries as I can >< mwahaha
Character Name & Server: Capricieux @ Duskwood

Class / Spec: Resto Druid

Experience: (Relevent to what this post is about) 6/7H When current, 8-15% wipes many times in the recent past, two healed with a shaman.

Specific Wants (I.E, Ember's / Cinder's): Not too picky, but cinders. If there's someone else, personally I don't care. I do however care about killing Rag.

My Real ID: tiffanyhotaling@yahoo.com
Character Name & Server: Laharl - Medivh

Spec: assassination (can play combat if really need to)

Experience: Not much Heroic FL Experience but all i do is pug raid lead and do pretty well

Specific Wants (I.E, Ember's / Cinder's): Xmog tier gear, rag mount, H-Rag achieve

My Real ID: chocobosrock@Hotmail.com

Xfering server this friday and is why i am not signed up on website. server is to dead to pug any kind of heroics anymore.

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