Location to turn in Tier 8 tokens?

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I was looking throughout Dalaran to find it and through the web and couldn't find an answer of where in Dalaran it was.
Cloth tier is sold by Vendors in "The Threads of Fate"
Leather and Mail tier is sold by Vendors in "Langrom's Leather and Links"
Plate tier is sold by vendors in "Tanks for Everything" (this building doesn't appear to have a sign attached to it, from what I can see. It's on the end of the Magus Commerce Exchange)

I can't recall which vendor sells which tier though.
Head to your respective armor type vendor, there will be two people you can speak with, and one will have the bits you need. Paldesse <Cloth Armor Merchant> is who you'll want to speak to
OK but where at on the hore side do you turn in the helm tokens?
if you go to WoWhead, type in the name of the item you want to exchange, it will give you the exact location of the vendor.

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