As affliction what do I use soulburn with?

I'm not really seeing a use for soulburn as affliction. What am I missing?
I guess in a life or death situation a SB - Drain Life may sometimes be effective once in a blue moon. But if you're planning on pvping, stick to using it with healthstone or teleport.
Soulburn has a number of options for general use including:

Instant-cast minion summoning
If your pet dies, your damage will be severely reduced.

Increased movement speed after using Demonic Circle: Teleport
Occasionally movement speed after a teleport is useful.

More potent Healthstone
Stronger Healthstones are almost always a good thing.

Instant-cast Soul Fire
Nice when moving, but in tier 13 you will use this on cooldown once you get your 4 piece bonus.

As for Affliction specific usage, you will want to use this with Seed of Corruption. When the SoC explodes, it will affect all nearby targets with your regular Corruption DoT. This is a great way to open against 3 or more targets.

[Select Target A]
Seed of Corruption
Unstable Affliction
Bane of Agony
Soul Swap(Breathe)
[Change to Target B]
Soul Swap(Exhale)
[Change to Target C]
Unstable Affliction
Bane of Agony

Then just use Haunt on cooldown and Shadow Bolt while changing targets. If they live more than a few seconds, this will keep up your stacks of Shadow Embrace for extra damage.

If you REALLY want this to be a high damage pull, use Demon Soul before going into the full spread.

It depends on PvP or PvE scenario.

My aff pvp spec doesn't have SoC so I've been using it to insta summon my puppy after a shadow bite so I get double bites occasionally (reset cd)
In PvE:
SB:SoC for AOE
SB:SF since it's better DPS than Shadowbolt and gives a buff
SB:nothing for execute range.

Pretty much every option available to SB is viable.

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