Better for BG's Ele vs.Enhancement!

Im love doing PVP in BG's or arenas with some friends, but I have been thinking of leveling a shaman which spec would be better for PVP/More fun? Please list the pros and cons of each spec.
I have so much fun with both of them that I switch between the two often.

Enhancement is a great spec as it allows you to get off instant cast CC, heals and further damage. The Maelstrom Weapon mechanic greatly improves the overall strength of your team when used to help your group. Obviously there is the disadvantage that you have to get into melee range to do any real damage, however you have great gap closers which can ensure that you stay on your target.

Elemental is also very good as you can pull off massive amounts of damage in very little time, causing the enemy to use CD's in order to survive. As with enhancement you can also throw off CC and heals (not as quickly, but still effective). Elemental struggles with melee on them, however in randoms there is not as much coordination and if you are left to cast freely you will WRECK the other team.

Hope this helps.
@Monopolio It did help thanks very much :D
Im going to comment on the spec that bored me to death..

For pvp it Has the potential to do massive damage but it has more potential to do very little damage and just gets you noticed and killed. You need to love to kite people because you will very rarely get the change to just stand there and fire off lighting bolts. I found it more fustrating than fun..

Im having a blast pvping as enhancement. But just starting out pvping with no gear will be just as fustrating as Elemental, since your melee and enhancement shamans are a target for most people. But the swing from fustrating to amazingly fun will happen once you get better gear and weapons. My survivabilty and my ability to stick on targets makes playing a enhancement shaman alot of fun IMO. Just be prepaired to use your totems, your cooldowns, when ever you can. Most of the coold downs are short for shamans anyways so its not a huge deal. I like being a Spacegoat shaman as i have my racial heal and shamanistic rage macroed together which makes me almost unkillable for 15sec. I dont know i could go on and on but i have always loved my shaman, i have gone back to ther classes but the shaman always appeals to me.
youll have to kitemelee as enhance also. as elemental you have range and controlled burst. as enhance you have slightly more survivability which doesnt count for much since you have to throw urself in the fray to do damage.

go elemental
I think it depends on play style. I really enjoy enhance. I am not a fan on caster specs... I also just got a ret paladin to 85 and enjoying leveling it. Maelstrom procs are a lot more fun than holy power imo so I still prefer enhance over all.
I been rollin elemental..I havent played in a year and its taking a bit to get into the swing fo things. Just wanted to ask a question about gearing for pvp. What enchants would be best and what gems?? I've been stacking intelect and mastery like crazy with gems, then gettin crit as much as possible. I seem to be noticing that I'm missing alot due to my lack of hit rating(have to decide where to fit that in in the gear i guess) and wondering about the haste thing..problem I'm seeing is that to make any kind of cast time difference I have to stack alot of haste to make it worth it..just wondering whether it is worth it or to just scrap the haste. Also I been getting owned by mages and feral druids...mages insta polymorph to the stun followed by silence(they ahve me barely clinging to life before I can even get into them) and feral cats hit pretty hard and I can't seem to shake them enough to start laying into them. If you have any suggestions they would be much appreciated. I am not the best at doin the math for gear but I am a very experienced PVP enhacne and ele shaman and my goal is to bring the ele shammy back into the top ranks in Arena before Pandoria.... Let me know how to gear to be beast plz.
ok first off forget the mastery, you need int and haste stacked, only need 4% hit in pvp, check out my gear for the enchants and gems, mages are pathetically easy done right, purge and windshear them as often as you can, hex the mage and start spamming purge, purge is the best spell an ele shaman has, feral, rogues, and enhance are gonna destroy you almost every time if they get the jump on you, feral are a little easier to beat then the other 2. Good luck getting high in arena as ele unless you go lock ele hpally and only then if they are extremely good will you get higher than 2k. get ride of earthquake, its almost useless in pvp. put the point into spark of life, personally in bg's I think the healing is better then the reduced dmg from ancestral resolve, but in arenas I think its up to you. but if you want to get high in arena easiley go enhance and rogue or hunter and you will kick !@#, ele is more of a bg class then arena

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