How is Family Guy funny?

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So my roommate is watching it right now, and I'm taking occasional glances at it, and it's just not funny.

The episodes of it I've seen are incredibly unfunny, usually using the same old theory:

1. Some unfunny joke
2. Little plotline
3. Incredibly unfunny, WAY too drawn-out, off-topic reference to something that goes on for several minutes.
4. Rinse and repeat

So why do people find this funny?

note: I absolutely love American Dad. It's proof that Seth McFarlane can do something right.
Yes. I want the evil Stewie back! D:

If this was a drinking game, it'll kill you.
It was alot better in the earlier seasons =(
Honestly, those middle seasons were freaking amazing. First seasons were crap (imo) and then more recent seasons were NOT funny...AT ALL. Some recent episodes piqued my interest again though as I found myself having a pretty decent amount of laughs. Watching Tom Tucker's discomfort with having a dying and possibly contagious child in his news room was really pretty funny.
Once in a while it'll have a silly joke that I find absolutely hilarious.

Other times it's not funny, or it's a joke that goes on far too long.
Family guy hasn't been funny for a while.

American Dad is absolute gold still.
It's still funny if you compare it to Seth's latest project "The Cleveland Show". God is that awful.
02/23/2012 11:07 AMPosted by Lutecia
It's still funny if you compare it to Seth's latest project "The Cleveland Show". God is that awful.
I like to pretend that show doesn't exist.

At least it isn't the Napoleon Dynamite Cartoon.
One thing I've noticed about Family Guy is that it's funny the first couple minutes you watch it, then just stops being funny. It doesn't even happen gradually, one minute you're laughing the next you're just staring at the screen wondering how you were laughing at it in the first place.
More of a south park guy myself, but ill watch family guy if its on.
It isnt funny.
Its just another show that the writers have decided that stupid is funny. So that must mean that if they make it even more stupid, it will be even more funny.

The writers have went beyond "its funny because its stupid" to "just plain stupid" a long time ago.
I used to like it but now American Dad has took its place for me. It used to be very funny but now it seems like they are trying to be serious while its not that bad Petter is trying to be funny which makes him more of an annoyance and seems like he is now out of place.
They seem to want to shock everybody now, I just recently watched that domestic violence episode. Now I'm usually not one to react to things like that since they're portraying it on a cartoon, but that was just painful and almost awful to watch.
I thought Family Guy was funny back in 1999 or whatever it was when I was 17 years old and got a few chuckles out of it, but ever since it's basically just made to purposely "shock" people and garner ratings off of people who feel like they are smart because they get the obscure cultural references.

All it is now (and pretty much all it's ever been) is predictable trailer trash gutter humor made for people whose intelligence is that of a lazy 12 year old, but that's pretty much how all television comedies have become now. Writers have become so bad that they have to rely on cheap pops off of sex and genitalia jokes because they don't have the talent to be funny on an intellectual level. We're a long way gone from "Frasier". :(

But, basically what Family Guy does is what just about ever other show on TV does now (especially anything on HBO), which is push the limits to get some fake "shock" factor from the sensationalist media and get in the news about how some extreme fundamentalist group was offended by it and get free publicity and people will watch so that they don't feel like some backwater country extreme fundamentalist Bible thumper and they enjoy that cultural validation, which is why shows like this will continue to be around forever, unfortunately.
The episodes are pretty hit or miss and really they always have been. Some of them are awesome for the whole episode and some just aren't really that funny.
I always found Futurama and Robot Chicken to be funnier that Family Guy.
I love Family Guy. If you're looking for high brow entertainment, you should probably look elsewhere then Fox or Cartoon Network.

I mean, what kinda jokes would you like to see?

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