<Built For Survival> LFM Tues Raid,W/T RBG's!

<Built For Survival> lvl 25 Guild LF OT, 1 Healer with dps OS, and 2 DPS 1Melee 1 Ranged
Due to Recent Attendance issues, and players losing interest and quitting the game, we are in need of a few replacements,we are 7/8 with a bunch of us 8/8 (again some of those players quit the game)

We Raid Tuesday 530pm Server- 10pm Server
and sometimes Monday for cleanup,old world achieves

5pm Server
until bed time are RBG's

We currently Need, Dedicated Consistent Members LF players for Our Mid and Low RBG Groups, 4.5k Resil Min! Ventrilo and a Working Mic
1 Holy Paladin
Frost Mage

we are running 4 healers sometimes 3, open to some more heals with dps OS
and other good CC/Dps
if you can commit, dedicate and listen we would love to have you, no baddies , casuals Also welcome!

any questions please feel free to pm Bidde,Smokethis or Reddeyezz from Our Guild
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