Why were Resto Sha not viable in firelands?

02/24/2012 11:37 PMPosted by Juturna
Please, bestow upon us you infinite FL shaman wisdom with 1xShannox normal kill

02/24/2012 07:40 PMPosted by Secretgarden
Shaman were viable, just not as FoTM as Druids.

I'm sorry, mind trying to say that again? Shaman were viable, even heroic rag could be done with r. shaman easily, just not as easily as druids. The second or third h. rag kill contained one iirc.

Shaman have been viable all expansion. You had to work harder for it at the beginning, but there was no reason it couldn't be done without one. Just because some guilds class stack to cheese !@#$, doesn't really mean anything.

If Paragon wanted to kill bosses with shaman, there's no doubt that they'd still get world firsts. Doesn't mean they wanted to though.
You know I'm going through my head on every fight in FL on both normal and heroic and the only ones that is really not shaman friendly would be H Domo and Shannox (normal or Heroic) cause people would have to spread out beyond the range of a Chain Heal bounce. Even then on H Domo they can heal the melee just fine.

Beyond those 2 fights it boils down to:

Beth: On heroic chain heal works fine healing ppl in the middle with the add. HR, SLT, and CH in phase 2:

Baleroc: On normal and heroic shammy mastery is win for shard soakers and tanks.

Rhylo: On normal and heroic healing rain for the raid which is generally bunched up either on the side or in the middle Chain heal is pro for turners.

Aly: Normal and heroic, there isn't much healing to begin with other than the tanks. Again Mastery is pro for dealing with Burning Wound and of course SLT shines on Phase 4.

Rag: Normal or heroic you are generally gathering up at some point during phase 2 and phase 4 (heroic only). Even if you can't get everyone in healing rain range you can get them all with Chain heal without too much effort.

I just don't see how shammies weren't viable. If anything stacking up benefits holy priests and holy pallies more than restro shammies cause of Light of Dawn/Holy Radiance and Sanctuary/Circle of Healing.
They were viable, but people like to determine viability based on if Paragon took shaman to the end boss during that tier. :P
Please, bestow upon us your infinite FL shaman wisdom with something other than a level 55 forum alt
Doh posted on the priest.

You know I get the feeling that many ppl here who complain about Shammy healing don't play any other healing class. I got one of each healer and each has their strengths and weaknesses. How well you do with that healing character is determined by the player, not the class.
Shaman in FL required you to play at your best all the time just to do 5k less healing per second than the disc priest spamming prayer of healing.

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