[H] OPEN Dragon Soul-25 Saturday Night Raid

With the upcoming 10% nerf to Dragon Soul and the lack of attendance for many guilds on Horde side, Death by Design will be hosting DS25 runs for the next few weeks, beginning this Saturday (March 3) at 6pm to 9pm server, with the goal of clearing the entire instance in less than 3 hours. Those wanting to participate must meet one of the following criteria:

- Have completed the raid on normal
- Have a minimum ilvl of 385 in full PvE gear (GEMMED & ENCHANTED) with knowledge of all 8 fights done on NORMAL (25).

*** REMEMBER - If you've killed mobs in Dragon Soul 10 during the raid week (starting Tuesday) then you're going to be locked out for them. You don't get to do a 10-man and 25-man in the same week.

This run is intended for main characters wanting to quickly clear the instance for the week so don’t plan on bringing your ungemmed/PvP geared alt characters, unless they also meet one of the criteria mentioned above (armory will be checked).

Loot will be rolled for and the rules will be as follows:

- 1 armor token max per person
- Unlimited non-set pieces for main specs.

If you are interested in attending, please leave a reply here, leave me in game mail (Raffi, Raphi or Raffilock). Raid composition will be limited to no more than 3 for each class and their role (i.e. we won't roll with 4 Resto Shaman but 2 Resto, 1 Ele and 1 Enh is fine). If you are a guild lacking attendance and have several members with 100% certainty that they will attend, please leave me a message with all of their names and roles. I will be updating the raid roster. Not everyone will be able to attend due to role conflicts/too many people, so invite priority will be given out on a first-come, first-served fashion. Mumble will be used - ensure you have it downloaded and server details will be given out prior to the raid.

***Any raider found to be severely underperforming or causing wipes/problems for the raid will not be tolerated and will be immediately kicked.***

Thanks! :)

Main Tanks
1. Sneakerpimp, Prot Paladin
2. Goki, Blood DK

3. Raffilock - Warlock
4. Holiee - Shadow Priest
5. Zutch - Hunter
6. Darksoilder, Ele Shaman
7. Magara, BM Hunter
8. Zirpilly, Shadow Priest
10. Anungunrama, Feral Druid (Kitty)/Feral Bear offspec
11. Eatbulaga, Combat Rogue
12. Sedrong's Frost DK
13. Monsterorc, Warrior
14. Elleriee, Rogue
15. Chainofheals, Enh Shaman
16. Ennaria, Rogue
17. Lustylasher, Feral DPS
18. (OPEN) (MELEE)
19. (OPEN) (MELEE)

20. Midmad, Resto Shaman
21. Zaphyre, Holy Paladin
22. Doubletroubl, Disc Priest
23. Limeyman, Holy Paladin
24. Tenshiko, Disc Priest
25. (OPEN)
Pwny Express has several members who would be interested. I'll pass this on to them. We're still 4/8 as a guild but they have completed DS on their own. Thanks!
This is perfect.

Guilds that maybe ran short of a 10th on a raid day. Or even folks who weren't able to make their guild runs.

Come one, come all and let's have some fun!
id like to sign up for this partey.. combat rogue ilvl 390 5/8 exp.
I'll heal. 385 Resto Shaman Midmad.
Yay a time I can meet... C u there. =D
Edited with replies.
I has my paladin,or dk for tanking.

My paladin for healing

My dk or druid for dem dps.
I'd be interested and can bring a number of classes (all fully gemmed + enchanted) depending on what you need (see below)

Available toons
  • Teo (387 prot warrior, unfortunately no viable OS spec/gear avail)
  • Doubletroubl (389 disc priest, no offspec either)
  • Slîppery (385 resto druid, no offspec)
  • Ghõst (389 combat rogue, subtlety pve offspec)

  • Other toons closing in on 385 (that could be ready by Saturday if you needed any of these classes)
  • Snowßank (378 arcane mage, fire offspec)
  • Burstylarue (377 resto sham, ele offspec)
  • Latrocinor (374 surv hunter, marks offspec)
  • (quick link to my personal guild which includes all toons mentioned above - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/cenarius/Finer%20Things%20Club/roster)

    I've completed LFR numerous times on all the above toons and have completed the first four bosses on regular difficulty, have watched vids/read strats/know mechanics for the remaining 4 on regular as well. I have vent (w/ mic if needed) and run all standard raiding mods + come carrying flasks/pots/food for any raid encounter. Would love to have a chance to clear this current content (right now my hours are unpredictable and don't have the time for a raiding guild, but this Sat 6-9p server would be ideal for my availability if you need me). Thanks
    Hey Raf,
    Sign me up for Melee with Tank Off spec, item Level 389
    Feral DPS - MS
    Feral Tank - OS
    I'll throw this on my guild forums.

    If i'm on and you need some extras Unbreakable and I have 384+ geared alts that can more than fulfil their roll (tanks/dps/healers).
    I'm going to put you down for the priest Teo.
    Thank you!! I'll make sure to keep Doubletroubl unsaved and look forward to the opportunity on Saturday. I'll be ready w/ flasks/pots/food & will have re-watched/read the non-LFR strat vids for the final four bosses =)
    A little note DBD big cauldrons and if Raffi willl not bring the mats for one I can.
    Put me Down im coming on my Frost Dk full clear experience
    I'd like to go. I've done up to Blackthorn 10 man on my other Priest, but know the fights. Raid leader experience since BC.

    I'm currently Shadow/Disc, but am willing to swap a spec for whatever is needed in the raid. I'm primarily a healer (though I'm no slouch on DPS). On this toon My DPS gear is better.

    I'd like to come and can fill a tank role, ranged/melee DPS role or Healing role (pref to DPS or Tank)

    However, for tanking it would be on my DK, but I haven't tanked past Blackhorn on DK (i.e. this toon).

    Ranged DPS would be Hunter, Sylken
    Melee DPS would be Combat rogue, Seltin
    Healing role would be Shaman, Rocketfeller.

    All toons are properly gemmed, enchanted and at least ilvl 385.
    Thanks for your support Goki.

    I've got you on the roster.

    why must you be horde :(
    We have the Neferutti (i'm probably destroying her toon's name) Seal of Approval!

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