n52te gamepad, any newer versions?

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I have a belkin n52te gamepad, it's used and I'm wanting to know if there are any newer gamepads that are fairly decent. Anyone know of any good ones?
Razer bought up the license from Belkin, and released a new model, simply named the Nostromo. They really haven't marketed it well, which is a shame. The hardware is a step up from the n52te, and they overhauled the chip/software side, making the macros much more powerful and enabling many things that were broken on the N52te. Also, the dpad works just fine. It's a worthwhile replacement if your N52te is getting long in the tooth.

Logitech put out their competition, the G13. I was rather disappointed with it's ergonomics, and feel the Nostromo is a better-designed product. YMMV.

While you've been using your Nostro for some time, you may find some useful ideas on how to get more out of it from my YouTube channel, at www.youtube.com/user/grendalsh. Or leave me some feedback on how you have yours setup - i'm always looking for new ideas.
^ What Grendalsh said. The Razer Nostromo is a fine piece of gaming hardware. In fact, if you're used to the n52te and want to stick with what's most similar, Razer's version is the most logical upgrade path.

I can't comment on the G13, just ordered one the other day and haven't got my hands on it yet.

Also: Gren, you need new videos! What's the hold-up man? :)~

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