How are Warlocks in BGs?

02/27/2012 01:30 PMPosted by Poplolita
One of the best in the proper hand.

And with proper team-mates.
I hated Pvping until I made my lock here, now I love it.

I eat mages for breakfast, dine on death knights for lunch, and cook other locks for dinner. Most plate classes don't bother me actually (just kite them); paladins give me some trouble.

Sadly however, I turn into easy hk's for rogues. SO MUCH HATE FOR ROGUES. Ahem. Yeah, they shread casters.

Our DoTs give us some trickle healing, our demons silence/charm/annoy (and take damage for us by soul link), and we have fear. If you have even the starter crafted PvP gear, you'll be surprisingly difficult to kill.
Aff locks rock in random and rated BGs.

Locks always have a spot in the best rated BG teams, like rogues, mages, prot warriors, etc.

Enough said.

Unstable affliction has a spot in rated bgs. Afflics spread damage isn't overly useful and their contribution to burst kills is sub par.

Afflic is very important in rbgs regardless because you can cover ccs like poly because it will be dispelled. If you're running a spell cleave it really protects your teams damage and honestly fear and UA are your sole purpose in bgs.
Geez from all these replies you would think Locksare the greatest 1 man show in WoW. Cant you tell by all the nerf lock posts on the main forums?

You all do your own class a massive disservice , even if you have some sick hidden love of punishment somewhere you are all full of crap.

OP you are entering into HELL and if you havent already leveled this thing you should steer clear and go roll a rogue or a DK. This class is a freakin joke when directly compared to EVERY other class in the game. That , is why it is the least played overall.

This class blows flat out just reeks.
Except Warlocks counter hunters, mages, ret pallies, and resto shamans fairly easily.

So in that regard, it isn't the class that reeks, but the player. Many of the best PvP Arena 3s teams have a warlock, and it isn't because they suck. Hell, got a 2800 rated Gladiator Warlock on my server. And it's an RP server. If a Warlock can get Gladiator, clearly warlocks don't suck.

Also, the whole 'NERF X Class!' threads are, in fact, made by bad players who can't comprehend the idea that hard counters can still exist in the watered down form of WoW going on now. Just because bad people aren't complaining about warlocks as much (currently) does not mean they are weak and garbage. They just are rarely the FotM class.

02/27/2012 09:49 PMPosted by Hadazan
lol put a lock in a non rated bg with out healers and watch it get tunneled all bg long.

02/27/2012 01:52 AMPosted by Zuggtmoy
Play a lock in random BGs if you have enough money to buy a new monitor after you punch yours in.

I have never felt a smaller death to outskilled ratio than when I'm gallivanting on my lock in randoms.

Worst class in the game for solo play.
I just started PvP with my warlock (affliction) and I've been doing extremely well, especially considering I'm ungeared and on a horrible battlegroup for my faction. I've held off 5 people from nodes with fear spamming and succubus' seduction. Doesn't sound amazing necessarily, but holding off large groups single-handedly for long periods of time is a game winner in random BGs. I think any class has a potential to be good at anything, it's just the playing style you have to get used to to make them good. Warlocks are extremely fun for people who like massive amounts of disruption, control, and watching people suffer an agonizing, slow death. You usually won't get top killing blows, but you can easily be the MVP of the team with the level of longterm damage and domination you have available.
Support class is accurate. If you're caught alone you're probably in trouble, depending on what you're up against. But if you're in a group of 5 with a healer, you are lethal, and the skirmish will end much more quickly because you are there. By reducing the resistances of every enemy around you, you make other dps better by your being there, and the dots just keep on ticking, even if you get CCed or switch targets.

very true.locks r nothing but turrents waiting to get pwn'd
DK - yep... please they own locks so quickly its not even funny. Anti Magic shield ... this is their IWin button (which isn't broken) against casters.

Rogue - yep .... another please they own locks not as quickly as DKs, but its still not funny. Cloak of Shadows- Lets start this fight again...opps my Hemo didn't hit for 12 to 20K. Wait WTF my ambush only hit for 20K...thats it I am deleting my rouge.

Frost Mages - yep...own locks... Ice lances that hit for 10-20K+ on with 4000+ resilience, not funny when your dots are ticking for 3 to 7K. Wait you dotted me up my shield broke, I'll ice block...where'd your dots go?

Priest - Dots... dots...dots... dispell...dispell...dispell... (wait I am silenced) big deal... I'll just heal it in few moments.
02/28/2012 08:00 AMPosted by Dotsonface
Support class is accurate. If you're caught alone you're probably in trouble, depending on what you're up against. But if you're in a group of 5 with a healer, you are lethal, and the skirmish will end much more quickly because you are there.

I agree with most of that statement, if you stick with a group of others, you become darn near invincible.

On your own, if you get singled out by another player on the battle field, it comes down to class and skill. Fear, CoE, dots up, then kite them. Use health pots and health stone both, the two together give you nearly half your life back, which can turn tables if you're both at 20%.

I feel confident in victory if its a DK, mage, or warrior that's singled me out, just kite them. Other locks are easy too, playing one I know better what to do with them, banish the demon, fear the lock, dot them up and laugh. Rogues, I usually am just stunned until dead, and paladins self healing outlives my own. Other classes it seems to be the player's skill versus my own.

02/27/2012 09:49 PMPosted by Hadazan
lol put a lock in a non rated bg with out healers and watch it get tunneled all bg long.

Hehe, that is true, next to healers we seem to be the first class focused down. Why is that? If locks truely sucked at PvP, then we wouldn't be a priority target.

02/28/2012 08:04 AMPosted by Évil
locks r nothing but turrents waiting to get pwn'd

Um, maybe Destro locks by my understanding, but not with Affiction. With instant cast dots and two of the 3 fear spells instant cast I only ever stop moving to cast UA or Fear itself. Occassionly I'll find a nice foxhole (so-to-speak) to fire from, but once I'm discovered, its back to kiting and staying on the move.

Edit: sry, posted on wrong toon...
I would agree that we have an advantage over some classes, but we're not a counter. It's not like we can COMPLETELY shut down a mage, hunter, ret pally the way a DK or rogue can completely take us from 100 to 0 while they're still above 80% health. Mages love to improve blink and run off as soon as they know that you'll whoop their a--, Hunters like to deflect and keep shooting you down on their last but hair of health, and pallys will always bubble and stun you for 5 sec. You can still very well come out victorious in these encounters, but not before they take a good chunk of your health bar out.

Sometimes I feel like DKs, Rogues, and Warriors have a find lock ability on their mini map haha, and when they are up your but hole the entire BG it can be pretty miserable. However, in spite of all this, I still love playing my lock. When you do have a pocket healer to help you survive melee classes 36 cooldowns to shut you down, it is god mode.

Until you get high end gear it is absolutely miserable, but if you stick it out you'll one day wreak havoc upon the masses because you can finally survive a little longer, and you will have had plenty of practice while gearing up to know what to expect from other classes. It's especially gratifying when you have an undergeared melee walking up to you with his balls out thinking you're a free kill, and then you kick his face in. Then he'll rage the rest of the game and keep getting his a-- kicked.
I've always loved my Destro Warlock in BGs. I basically just put up Immolate on everyone and then burst one guy down. As Destro, if they don't notice you, you can pretty much do whatever you want, but if they do notice you, you can just Shadowfury > Howl to buy yourself time. I've never played a mage competitively so I'm not too sure about that, but in BGs, I'd assume a mage can survive more easily because of the snares/Ice Block until back-up arrives.
Bring a healer unless you plan on being tunnelled by keyboard turning melee who cant interrupt.

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