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Fellow Aerie Peakers!

I wanted to throw this out there because it's becoming very successful for players using it.

What is it? Well it's a site that has it's own built in chat feature and area where you can list the raid you are doing or need.

What that means is that there's raids going on at all times of the day and night for players that miss their guild runs or are casuals like myself looking to get in on the action.

Just to put it into perspective since there's very few Aerie Peak representation:
-Epia from MoMiT has finished off all her tier 11 heroic boss kills
-Trigor from Unrivaled has finished off all his tier 11 heroic boss kills
-As for myself, i've pulled just about every BG achievement possible i've been missing that requires organized and smart groups.

With the ability of real ID players to form cross realm Raids and Battleground groups everyone should look into this site. <---- hope to see more of you there!

Definately looks promising, thanks for the post!

Highly encourage everyone here on Aerie Peak to log into this website/register and take part in raids anytime day or night.

Find a raid or make a raid now is the perfect time to take advantage of the full potential of current wow and gear yourself up as you wait for Mists of Pandaria.**at the time of this posting there is 71 raids over a span of 10 days posted on open raid. That's a potential of 710 players taking part in a raid**

Read this below for other players experiences using open raid.
Just wanted to post this information out there again. There's daily Firelands run on Openraid, as well as achievement runs.

**Need a meta achievement to finish glory of Firelands/Ulduar/ICC raider then post on open raid.**

Today marked the 2 weeks it took to complete a Glory of the Firelands Raider achievement run thru openraid.

I highly recommend this site to save yourself lots of heartache and meet possible new friends along the way.
BUMP for Openraid.

At this point in the game i'm sure eveyone heard of openraid but if there's anyone living under a rock here it is again.

It's doubled since February and is still growing.
The amount of players you can meet on there is staggering for the things you are trying to do.

*10042 (48.61% of US, 26.85% of all accounts)

Biggest change since February is the inclusion of a pvp section for like minded individuals looking for rBGs/BG achievements/arena partners.

At the time of posting there's 163 active current raids in a 10-day time span. That's enough for 1630 players if they were all 10-man raids, which they are not (some are 25s). So what are you waiting for?

05/26/2012 12:36 PMPosted by Usha
Biggest change since February is the inclusion of a pvp section for like minded individuals looking for rBGs/BG achievements/arena partners.

Can you arena with RealID friends from other servers?

Met a few more people this week that never been to openraid
If you never been there or are reading this topic for the first time go to

The first post in the topic explains the cliff-notes version of what this site can do for you.
Thanks Usha... I'm trying to gear up a toon for a Herald of the Titans run, so this is just the ticket. Would've also been useful to organize the HLK raid that I posted about yesterday.
***OpenRaid has currently hit 60,000 players***

I think i counted over 300 cataclysm raids last week alone. If your looking for that tier 11 mount run, working toward a firehawk, grinding that legendary or wanting to pvp give open raid a shot.
Seems a lot of players still have not heard of openraid so just wanted to bring to light this post.

Also, with the ability of cross-realm raiding the first tier of MoP content, gearing for ToT is much easier now.

Good luck to all achievement hunters out there.
Open Raid is great. On top of that, if you're not already part of the WoW community on Twitter, many of us tweet and re-tweet when people are looking for a single nights fill, or even weekly raiders. Cross Realm is a gift from the Blizzard Gods.
I can't !@#$ any tweeters b/c I don't want my IRL friends to know my dark secret :(.

I love openraid and have hosted many things in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Look me up yo.
@Comus - I know a number of players who have a secondary twitter they use just for WoW stuff. I used to have it but eventually just merged them into one. You could have two separate ones. The WoW community on Twitter is wonderful!

Need ideas for a new transmog? Check us out:
Reported for necro.
sigh, really Vex?

If people are still not knowing what it is then it's relevant information to push back out.

*edit, weird you showed back up when I know I had you on ignore.

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