Why even let us warriors pvp blizz?

I know right another QQ warriors suck Thread! well i cant deal with being face stomped anymore its just not fair OK i have put so much effort into my warrior i love the play style of charging into battle and going toe to toe with my enemies but i just don't stand a chance any more.

Death knights no matter what spec they are rip me to pieces even under geared ones. frost mages well.. why even bother trying to fight them there's no way in hell a warrior can beat them. rogues and hunters have more utilities to beat a warrior, ret pallies once again there burst is enough to down me before i even get my first attacks off. its just so god damn frustrating being a warrior these days

Now i know i'm not the best pvper in the game i'm a fairly casual player but that shouldn't stop me being able to be competitive in pvp.

Grrr so over it

I don't know about the other warriors, but i'm all in.
Temporary right?
as long as you dks stop death gripping my target, especially after i use throw down, im in
how about giving warriors something to bring to the table in arenas or rbgs? im tired of being replaced becasue a dps specd feral can tank for me or a rogue who wears leather can survive longer than me with defensives and still do more dmg than me with little butter knives. kkthxbye
Fbvelox is that you! Your gonna incur the wrath of Bamf upon us all!
02/28/2012 01:54 AMPosted by Cedrona
Fbvelox is that you! Your gonna incur the wrath of Bamf upon us all!

Yes it is me Please just Fb thou, really dont see the point of regurgitating what others have said and hasnt been adressed. I believe there are alot more educated and experienced wariors in pvp than me.
Warriors and DK's uniting under 1 banner..(que heroic music like Halo's theme song) slapping down the oppressive reign on terror from these leather wearing freaks!! Never before has there been such an alignment of two powers so great. Flee..flee lest ye be the target of the wrath of this combination!

*Meanwhile back at the ranch* Ok Warriors..who's up for some Bingo?
*note* I agree with Ralzen..DK's need to stop Deathgripping targets away from huge groups of people who are killing it.
Naw, death to dks
I dont understand...

02/27/2012 04:56 AMPosted by Stoobz
i'm a fairly casual player but that shouldn't stop me being able to be competitive in pvp.

Yes it should, just because you don't want to put in the time or practice to be good at pvp, that does not mean blizz should buff warriors so you can kill more. This logic is so flawed. Either learn the class and be able to put up a fight, or continue to suck... stop crying to blizzard
In preparation for the up and comming expansion Fog Of The Koala Flizzard Enterinsainment is realising the following information regarding patch Fml.

The following patch updates were created to bring balance, and fair play to the pvp environment,using a flawless system called (It does what i say or it gets the hose) by slowcrawler flizzard video game designer.

You may comment on this post following the flizzard code of conduct rules provided by flizzard Enterinsainment. All post Entertaining negative or positive remarks on this patch update using freedom of speech or intelligent ideas will get deleted an ban for a period of no less then 25 - life infact you know what (Just Go With It).

Table of Contents

•Classes: General
•Bug Fixes
•Warrior Pvp GearClasses: General


•Charge & Intercept these ability now stuns the user for five minutes or till his enemy kills him •Slam this abilities cast time is now instant but will never proc

•Colossus Smash this ability has had it defull increased by 1000% and last 10 sec enemies hit by this ability can be one shot by only the warrior that uses it on him. But the user will be stun for 11 sec and may not trinket out of this stun.

• Mortal Strike & Furious Attacks now increases healing done to target enemy by 25% for 2 hours and decreases healing done to friendly healers 50% for 1 hour and persist through death

•Dual Wield Specialization Fury's off hand attacks have been taken out of the game player will be missing a arm while in combat

•Heroic Leap ranged and hight has been increase to 500 meters and will cause the warrior to die on impact

•Enraged regeneration (Usable only while enraged) this ability has been increase by 100% with its 3 min cd removed to an instant proc increasing survivability

•Enraged Due to the abundance of kids playing our game enraged has been removed the warrior will nolonger be able to get mad and now will giggle when critted

•Excute has had its damage increased to a one shot ability but will no longer proc at 35% hp ability has had its treshhold decreased due to it damage increase to 1 hp

•Bladestorm This ability will now be sheepable, stunable, fearable, snareable, but can nolonger be disarmable

•Heroic Fury Will remove cc's like normally but will also refresh the cooldown on your enemies cc abilities

Bug Fixes

•Bug Fixes The Warrior Beared has been removed

•The glicth that warriors were able to hide in Ghost from has been fixed they now will take damage and will be marked on your mini map 200 honor points shell be earned for each rekill

Warrior Pvp Gear

•Resiliance Will now increase other classes crit chance on the warrior class

•Amor has been remove from the Pvp set

•Looks The Warrior set will have a ruff and tuff cuddly kitty cat look with hot pink strips and purple luminescent glow
Just doing my job as a support class chilling here waiting for my healers to get on so i can leave ogr.
You guys seem to think warrior pvp is terrible, try playing a resto druid. Tree form doesn't even matter anymore.
Im gonna go ahead and guess this is talking about bgs since you have no arena teams or RBG groups.

WE are good in PVE right now topping meters on almost ever single fight.

In normal Bgs we are fine in fact if you get a pocket healer you murder people http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/6937/wowscrnshot022712142358.jpg

In RBG's run as a flag carrier

In arena put your head between your legs and kiss your !@# goodbye

3 out of 4 isn't bad and some classes are worse off than us in PVE and PVP
As a support class i understand your feeling about tree form and will be right here for you if you need someone to talk with know that you are valiable to me and everyother support class warrior out here our prayers are with you tree form may you recieve a buff once slowcrawler makes like a tree and leaves ./crying lotz

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