Looking to buy a 3s Carry to 2200.

I have been to 2200 just cant find the right people and my server also isnt very good and really want it this season i can switch servers and come to u just tell me what server and how much gold you would like i was thinking 20k but i can go higher if needed. message me for real id or skype.
A major banwave definitely didn't happen on carries that would make people hesitant lately.
when did this happen?
02/27/2012 05:30 PMPosted by Daj
when did this happen?

Pretty sure they only banned pilots. You should still be able to find someone to carry you to 2.2k but it would be a lot more than 20k to do that.
how much u think ? i can go higher i just need to find the people and i can switch the server
lol i need a serous number tho
What server would i have to go on ? also how much would i have to pay Sera can u add me on skype to talk to me easier or vent doesnt matter.
Can u add on skype or go in vent Sera so we can talk easier then this lol
Alright so How much gold are we talking for the Carry? and do u know a comp that would work for us.

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