[H] Rats LFM MOP 8/8hm 25Man

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Currently in need of

1 Druid (Mainspec Resto)
1 Hunter
1 Shaman (DPS Enh or Ele)
2 Priests (DPS and Heals)

For Mists of Pandaria 25 man Progression raiding.

We are a Horde Raiding Guild on the server US - Barthilas.

Coming from former 25man guilds we decided it was time to take a break to play in the 10man format of the game for a more relaxed atmosphere.

We progressed through 10man rather quickly picking up kills on 12/13 heroic bosses in the last 3 weeks before Firelands was released, because of many people re-rolling different classes it was a little tough but we managed.

We didn't however manage to snag a Sinestra kill untill the first week of Patch 4.2: The Firelands.

Through Firelands we managed to progress rather quickly, picking up a Realm First Heroic Ragnaros kill.
The problem Most strict 10man guilds face is their gearing, it is tough to gear up New characters in the space of 1-2 weeks to prepare a Specific raid comp for a fight like Ragnaros.

Coming Into Dragon Soul we managed to snare world top 20 kills on heroic Yor'Sahj, Zon'ozz and a world 23rd kill on Hagara.

We decided to not raid throughout christmas but managed to snag a US 23rd Kill on Heroic Spine Of Deathwing on January 19th 2012, 2 weeks before the nerf.

After this a couple of our members decided they had enough of the game and instead of recruiting to fill their spots we decided to stop raiding indefinately.

Which brings us to now.

We have succesfully branched out into 25 man raiding and are looking at having a roster of around 30-32 players.

We don't want you to play 1 class or 1 spec in here, we ask you must be able to play a 2nd character at a similar standard to what you would consider your "main". We do not run with a massive roster so having at least 2 characters at similar standards is the expectation here.

Pushing content is what we enjoy doing and what we play the game for, we hope to find like minded players that can share this experience with us...

At this stage we are raiding the following times

Wednesday 8pm-12am EST (Server Time)
Sunday 8pm-12am
Monday 8pm-12am

With the option of a fourth night which would be:

Thursday 8pm-12am

The optional night will be used on Progression.

Flasks, pots, food gems chants etc provided by the guild.

Head over to

z13.invisionfree.com/Rats_Barthilas to drop an app in

updated needs
If my pc could handle 25's properly i would be keen.
aw chup
Proud of my roots yo
Why would you want to raid with a bunch of rats?
03/05/2012 05:09 PMPosted by Hamurabi
Why would you want to raid with a bunch of rats?

Because they are cute and talented.

Proof: http://i40.tinypic.com/jhcv35.jpg
That's me on the right :3
Was gonna post a picture of splinter from TMNT holding Sword(s) and say thats more like you, but I couldn't find one in the 10 seconds I spent on google.
Good Players Come At Me!
We want you, Dragon slayers!
I'm top owl round here?
cud be

updated needs
bump for updated needs

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