So what makes your mog stand out?

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my axe really which is nightfall
I'm in a bright pink dress with a glowing pink staff.
I guess its hard to work with the stuff they have for mail. This mog is newer but I got a lot of compliments on my previous one, which was a black/dark brownish mix of highlands quest rewards and low level pieces.
I was going for something less shiny and gold than most paladin sets (including some of my own). Mogit was really helpful for pulling together various pieces of similar color and style.

It's lucky I didn't quest much in Shadowmoon Valley, the shield was a quest reward out there.
I -was- unique.. Barefoot mage w/ a monocle wearing all purple and blue.

Then I saw this copycat :(

im in pvp gear atm, so you're not seeing my proper mog set. :(
magic do as you will
I'm not in the full set ATM (swapped specs) but I think mine is unique because I haven't tried to get full tier, like what I usually see. It's a mix and match, with my star piece being my weapon. Staff of the Green Circle It has a really awesome animation, and it's Druid only!

Thanks for the staff info, it was the last piece of this awsome look I was going for.
I think my gear matches the shoulder helm and bow I picked.
06/25/2015 04:34 PMPosted by Fleurdelecor
Your item level is terrible. Only 580. My 100 is like 650 something...

You necroed a thread from 3 years ago just to tell someone their ilevel is bad, in a thread that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with ilevels?
It's incredibly red.
11/10/2018 08:22 PMPosted by Norlando
It's incredibly red.

holy thread necromancy batman
What's with all the necros recently?
Necro or not I'm responding!

What makes me stand out?

My eyepatch (poor depth perception unfortunately)

My single shoulder guard (drunk pandaren stole the second)

My amazing but lo-res pants (I can't find anything good that's new)

But most importantly.... MY MASSIVE GREEN NIPPLES!!!! Take that slutmogs!
Impressive a 6 year old thread.

I am still looking for a new cape.

The set is a something anyone could do, a mixture between the Dreadwyrm and Malevolent Gladiator set to make a set, your character is guaranteed to look like he or she is ready to eat beans out of a can and hitch a ride on the cargo train.

There was also a Beautiful bronze hilt Dark Runeblade dropped from Heroic Hillfire Citadel, however the sword have an immensely low drop chance, after the major nerf to the speed boost food, the sword is currently unobtainable by yourself.
Mine is the OG Cryptstalker set bought off the BMAH.
I designed it around the tabard rather than the other way around.

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