Just fired up 4.3.3 ...

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and it really heated up my MBP quickly. The fan was at full speed within a couple of minutes of normal AH/banker activity.

I wonder if the 64 bit client was more efficient?

ETA Perhaps everyone knows this, but apparently you need to go back in and throttle the FPS as that setting doesn't carryover from patch to patch ... or at least it didn't for me this time. I was up to 80 fps and I assume that was causing my heating issues.
Waiting for the 64 bit as well, guess the line we got that it would be released as 433 went live didn't pan out so well...

Anyway, played for a while with the 32 bit client, everything was OK until I went to Hyjal and did a cmd. M to go into windowed mode and that crashed my machine... totally. Have not seen that in at least half a year. Filing a bug report...
^direct download link for 64 bit client. This is an official blizzard link.

works fine for me. the blue's just haven't gotten around to updating sticky yet, I don't think Tony is in today cause i haven't seen him yet.

AFTER unzipping, RENAME it. They messed up the application file name so launcher cannot find it.

change name from
World of Warcraft 64.apptoWorld of Warcraft-64.app

This should restore the launchers ability to find and launch the 64 bit client without needing to bypass launcher and open it directly (never a good thing to bypass launcher unless you know what you're doing, so much better to make sure the launcher can interact with 64 bit app properly)
Renaming it worked like a charm.
Ah, thanks Omegal for the info! Running to check it out now...

Took a very long time to load after the character selection screen, I was about to force quit it! But it eventually did pop into the game. A subsequent launch went much more like the typical waits.

There was an issue which I'll post in the bug report forum, occurred during all the times I used the 32 bit client (switch to windowed, hard crashed my computer once, the other times I tested it, it gave me a totally black screen).
Usually they want mac bug reports to stay in mac tech support forums so they don't get buried. I it's a 64 bit client bug, use the bug report sticky, if it's 32 bit just create a new thread addressed something like

[BUG] 4.3.3, Some short bug description hereas a thread title and then as much info as possible :)

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