<Team Aman'fail> 6/8 HM DS - Weekend Raiding


We at Team Aman'fail are looking for more raiders to come and fill out our roster. I don't want to post a TL;DR bio of our group that nobody will even read, so I'll let our achievements speak for themselves.

At the moment, we raid on the weekends - 12:30PM-5PM SVT Saturday/Sunday - With a 30 minute break in between.

We are EXTREMELY casual. 50% of our raiders do not even log WoW during the week.

We are highly dedicated when we do log on, and have cleared current content at a far quicker rate(in terms of man-hours spent wiping on bosses)than most other guilds. We do like to have fun as well, and have cleared old content if we have nothing else to do (Sinestra/Hnef etc).

If you want a light-hearted but extremely efficient raiding team, then Team Aman'fail is the place to be.

We are currently looking for:
Tanks : Pally/Warrior preferred.
Healer: Holy pally preferred.
DPS: Mage/Warlock preferred. - Having a legendary would be nice, since our group started as a pug and we kept giving our shards to people who left us, so we don't have any :(

If your class isn't listed, yet you think Team Aman'fail would be right for you, feel free to apply anyways.

Apply @ amanfail.enjin.com or send in game mail/pst to Sleuther/Priestittute/Namii/Undru

Team Aman'fail - Casual raiding, because that's our excuse.
Bump for another week.

LF decent ranged DPSers & a Warrior/Pally tank+heals

Bump for 6/8

LF a solid mage/lock/hunter and a Pally heals.
Bump. LF DPSers primarily now of the ranged variety.
Finished with raiding this expansion. We may or may not be back in Mists, depending on how our RL's go.

GL to other guilds on AT, hope ya'll can bring AT's standards a bit up in this period between xpacs, giving us a better player base for MOP :)
Being a casual player myself, I'll definently consider Team Aman'Fail once I start raiding. :)

EDIT: silly me, missed the last post

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